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096 – Joe Clements – Resting in Good Enough

“I use the same thing with offering mindfulness to people: you don’t need to go right in to look at Medusa’s eyes, you know, grab a shield… feel your feet on the floor and look around the room. Have a guide. Don’t go into that bad neighborhood alone.” ~Joe Clements

Joe Clements is a sought after mindfulness meditation teacher and host of the hit podcast Spiritual AF…or Whatever. He has spent more than two decades applying the teachings of “Sit, Feel, Heal” to bring more awareness, compassion and presence into both his own life and that of his students’. Joe has dedicated himself to teaching mindfulness to the most at-risk populations because he believes that the simple, yet transformative practice can assist anyone in radically improving their lives. He believes that mindfulness may start on a meditation cushion but focuses his teachings on how these skills can be applied to our daily lives to become more resilient, compassionate, and more authentically ourselves.

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