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Stories Episode 4: Anne (ASD and being a life coach)

In todays episode of Stories, I talk with Anne Sabagh a ASD life coach who has a bit of a upper hand when it comes to coaching. She has ASD herself.  We talk about her memories of her getting diagosned later in life and what her reaction was to her diagnoses.

We learn that her husband too is neurodiverse as well. We talk about why she got into coaching and how she wound up with ASD lifecoaching.  We to know that her favorite sounds is her cats pur…

You can find Anne and the other coaches as ASD Lifecoaching.


In this Episode of Stories, I get to sit down with someone who has one of the most incredible smiles I have ever seen. When you are with her, are are sure to smile and feel very welcomed.

I talk with Rosie, her personality matches her smile. We talk about what it is like to grow up in a small town where everyone was friends and you were sure to bump into a teacher in your local store. We talk about her up bringing and how her mother was all about tough love and how they would often butt head. We talk about her love Harleys and talk about her favorite tattoos.

Than we get to know a little about how became a ASD coach working for Jaclyn and how the two became fast friends and her tough love on her all her clients and how no hold back way of coaching, “What you see is what you get”.



Hello Aspies,

on todays Episode of Stories, I talk with Husband, Father, Coach and Comedian) Francesco.

We get to know a bit about him and where he grow up and what family life was like, how became a comedian, and what guided him to become a ASD Coach.

We find out how he wound up working for Jaclym Hunt of ASD Coaching, and how he uses his comedic background to help with his coaching.

For those who don’t know he is also my ASD Coach and without him, this podcast would of not happened. Thats a story for another day.

Than we ask him the fabled questions.

“Comfortable is not always happy.” – Francesco Paldino


Stories: Episode 1:A Chat with Jaclyn Hunt (ASD Life Coach)

Hello and welcome to a new series called Stories. In this Episode I talk with Jaclyn Hunt.  A ASD Life Coach. She tells her story of how she got into ASD Life coaching and then we talk a little about her and her practice and how she started out with just her and how the clients just kept coming. 

For those you who don’t know Jaclyn company is the one I found my way too, and like Jaclyn has said many times to me “Things happen for a reason”, I trust her and the coaches she employes..

She is one of the most authentic people you will meet, what you see is what you get. She is always true to her word and never holds anything back

Her you check out her life coach service over at ASDLifecoach or you can goto my resource page to find her link.


A relationship is not meant to save us, the relationship is meant to enhance us. A relationship is dessert, you don’t need dessert to survive. But it’s really nice to have.”

Neurodiverse Couples

Listen in as Kristin Sunanta Walker speaks with Dr. Stephanie Holmes and her husband Dan Holmes about neurodiversity within relationships.

Dr. Holmes seeks to bring restoration and spiritual renewal to individuals and couples facing challenging situations. By combining affordable rates with a desire to glorify God in all that transpires through the counseling/coaching process, she offers life-changing hope to troubled lives. Through the International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC she wants to educate and equip others to build effective strategies for NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages.

Dan Holmes believes there is no greater office one can hold than that of a husband and father. Since both roles require complicated interplay on many levels, Dan also believes God has provided help through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the counsel of others, and the work of life coaches.

Neurodiversity Acceptance & Advocacy

Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews autism advocate Jeffrey Snyder on various topics today. Jeff has as his mission to educate and advocate for neurodiversity and inclusion and wants to share his insights from first person autistic experience with you as educators, professionals, or others with neurodiversity.

Jeff was born on March 27, 1989 in Providence, RI and has lived his entire life in Seekonk, MA. He was diagnosed with Autism in 1990 and ever since then, he has achieved multiple successes in his life in areas of education, long-term employment, independent living, and speaking/panel engagements.

Jeff is available for speaking at conferences and topics he has spoken on include but not limited to: Autism, Education, Mental Health, Safety Drills and Skills, Autism and Disney Characters, and Autism in Organizations.

Jeff’s website includes his vitae on where he has spoken and additional topics that may be of interest to your event or organization. You can contact him through his website at:

Marriage on the Spectrum

Dr. Stephanie C. Holmes is a marriage therapist and coach that specializes in marriages on the spectrum or NeuroDiverse Marriage. Join her as she interviews author Ron Sandison and his wife Kristen about the strengths and complexities of being a NeuroDiverse Couple.

For more information about marriage and family dynamics on the spectrum, you can learn more at courses located at: or

Ron Sandison works full-time in the mental health field. He is an advisory board member of the Art of Autism and the Els Center of Excellence. Sandison has a Master of Divinity from Oral Roberts University and is the author of A Parent’s Guide to Autism. He is the founder of Spectrum Inclusion which empowers young people with autism for employment. Sandison speaks at over 70 events a year including 20 plus education conferences. Ron and his wife, Kristen, reside in Rochester Hills, MI, with their daughter, Makayla.

Ron’s books are available at Amazon, his most recent is Views from the Spectrum. He can be contacted to speak at conferences below:

Season 2: Episode 6 – Troubles with Sleep

Hey guys and gals,

in todays episode, I talk with Melissa Doman who is a sleep specialist.

We talk about how certain things affect sleep, from the time you go to bed to the enviorment of the room.  Should the room be totally dark? What temp is the perfect sleeping temp?

These are just a few of the questions I talk to her about about, I also ask her if she has sleep issues and what does she suggest for getting a good night sleep.

Season 2: Episode 5 – Success Coach Norrine Russel

Hello Aspies,

in this episode I talk with Dr. Norrine Russel. A Success coach for Middle and College levels kids.  We start off talking about and lables and how some on the spectrum just don’t like it and how people view those of us on the spectrum. Than we talk about kids a bit, and find out they both are on the spectrum and have ASD and ADHD and how they are total oppsites than we talk a bit about her pactice and how she even goes about deal with memory.

She even asks if I was going to the questions from Inside the Actors Studio.

This was a very interesting episode.

Season 2: Episode 4 – Neurodiverse Life Coach

In this episode of Inside the Asperger’s Studio, I talk with Anna Granata.  A Neurodiverse life coach. In this episode we tackle many things that have to do with ADHD as well a bit of ASD.

Anna shares with me, that if you have either ASD or ADHD you most certainly have the other, and this has shown up with numerous clienrts of hers. She also mentions that ADHD is one of the main causes of low self-esteem.  Anna also shares with us that she herself has ADHD and Dyslexia and how she deals with it on a daily biases.

Anna also talks about what a normal session is like for her clients and how long they normally run for.  She says that she has clients who have come in with one or the other, to only find out that they have both and it’s like a light bulb going off to discover that have had both ADHD and ASD and just finding out know.

She also mentioned a blog post from her about does ADHD life coaching really make a difference.  So go give it a read.

We also talk a bit about memory and how in ADHD it is affected and what can be done to help. One of the things she told me I have heard before is that with ADHD we will only hold things in memory that hold a certain interest to us. But she also said that we are not like filing cabinets, so we cant just retrieve something if some asks us about a day, but we have to use linking to associate it with what we did on a particular day.

What she means is that if someone asked about a a particular day, we wouldn’t be able to remember, but if they said do you remember when we went to the mall and bought said item.  We would be able to remember it, because it was linked from one thing to another. But also if we hold no interested in certain things we just lose it in our memory

0:00 Intro

0:59 How she got into life coaching

2:49 How she deals with her ADHD

4:51 I ask her about racing thoughts.

9:50 We talk about what a session is like for her clients?

12:22 Advice to those who cant get on ADHD meds

15:34 I ask about has she had any diffcult clients

17:22 I ask if she has deal with both ASD and ADHD Clients?

17:53 I ask has she had clients come it with one or the other to find out they had both ASD and ADHD.

18:36 I ask about Clients who question their behavorisms and mannerisms

19:39 I ask what’s the hardest thing about being a life coach?

20:31 I ask what stages do people come to her?

21:35 How ADHD and memory go hand in hand.

25:18 How long do clients see her

26:14  I ask has she had clients come back and thank her.

25:53 I talk about some of my experiences.

30:21 I talk ask her what advice she can give me on how to help my memory.

33:23 I talk about my own memory issues and how I learned.


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