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Aspies After Dark (Bonus) Wellness Clinic and Dating Program. Nicola Falzon

Hello Aspies,

On 4th and final episode of Aspies After Dark, I talk with Nicola Falzon about the wellness clinic she works at. We talk about her clients who are on the autism spectrum and how do with her dating program she has devised up.

She talks about the program and its success. We talk about about Autism in Malta and how its accepted.

here are her links to the clinic

Willingness (Family – Sex – Health)

Aspies After Dark (Intimacy) Christina Lindea P3

On the 3rd part of the Relationships and Autism series I talk with Christina Lindea all the way from Dubai about Intimacy and Autism. We answer questions such as how to know the difference between sex and intimacy, how to read your partner to know if they want to get more intimate, is intimacy important in a relationship and much more.

Due to her concerns this episode will only be podcast from. So you can only find it here.

You can find her at her website

and you can read her blog here

If you ever find yourself in Duabi, and want to make a appointment

It was a joy talking with her. 

Aspies After Dark: Sex and Relationship P2 (Sarah Martin Sexolgist)

 Hello all you wonderful Aspies out there, on this special episode of a three part series I talk with Sarah Martin Sex coach.

We answer all the questions you were afraid to ask. Like is it ok to be a virgin in this day and age, and how to handle over stimulation while having sex as well as other more personal questions such how to stop worrying about is my partner cheating or not, and jealously and how not to over think while having sex.

She share a bunch of useful links with us I am going to share them with you all.

So if you guys want to check out what she does, you can hop on over to her website, she too also has a podcast so you can see listen to her as well here are her links.

If you want to drop her a email and ask your questions directly to her, feel to drop her a email at:

Neurodiversity Within Teen Friendships

We spend a lot of time working with kids on the spectrum about social skills or how to engage with a friend and be in a friendship. What about working with neurotypical kids and teens on how to learn social skills and how to befriend those who are different like those on the autism spectrum. Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Caroline and her friendship with her best friend who is on the autism spectrum.

For more interviews such as these and the entire curriculum on Spectrum Teens go to where you can learn about teens on the spectrums and the issues they face.
DVDs and a downloadable course are available.

Spectrum Siblings

Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Erica who will talk about what is like as a sibling to someone on the spectrum. She will discuss the strengths and challenges of the sister relationship with her older sister who is on the spectrum.

You can hear other interviews of siblings on Dr. Holmes Marriage & Family Course
available at:
The 4-hour course will walk you through common issues in the spectrum family to move beyond surviving to thriving as a family!


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