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Season 2: Episode A Helping Hand

In this Episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Cesi Lavine who has a sister who is on the spectrum and wants advice on how to deal with her.

She asks how she can get her sister to see things from her point of view.  Also wanted to know how I accepted my diagnoses and how I see things.

I answered her to my best knowledge from my own experiences.


This is a really good episode. So listen to the end. as I try to help her out.


Mind Blindness and its Effect on Marital Relationships with Mark Hutten

Join Dr. Holmes as she talks about NeuroDiverse Relationship with counseling psychologist, Mark Hutten, MA. Mark has twenty-plus years of counseling experience and has worked with a broad age range of individuals on the autism spectrum. He offers online parent support and counseling and is the author of the e-book Living with an Asperger Partner. Today’s segment will discuss MindBlindness and Its Effect on Relationships.

148:A.M.M (Autistics Are Marvelous)

On this episode we discuss the Marvel movies and how each hero relates to autism. You will hear from Iron Man to Hawkeye and many more. Remember, those that are on the autism are “superheroes” after all. So…”I love you three-thousand” and “I can do this all day.” This is a long one, but trust me, it will be worth it.

NeuroDiverse Christian Couples Connection

Topic = Connection, what is it?

Join Dan and Stephanie as they talk about connection. They asked listeners both ND and NT to define connection and disconnection. What are the issues that make it hard for AS-NT (or ND) couples to connect? What contributes to disconnection or hurt or harm in the marriage?

Note: A brief discussion on physical intimacy is mentioned so the podcast had to be marked explicit content.

Stories Episode 5: Motivation and Inspitation

On todays episode I have a candid talk with Rob Jolles. One of the more facinating people I have become friends with and interviwed.

“Rob is a sought-after speaker and five-time Bestselling author, Rob has spent over thirty-five years, logging over 2.5 million miles in the air entertaining, teaching and inspiring audiences worldwide.  His books have been featured in USA Today, Harvard Business Review, Publisher’s Weekly, have spent over 100 weeks on the national Business Bestseller list and have been translated into over a dozen languages”

He is all about the motivation, if you have the drive and movtiation to sell something you can sell anything.  He talks about about how he used to be picked up by limos and be met by limos on the other end and now its he has to book his own flights and get his own gigs due to him slowing down.  He jokes how one of his books made it to Oprahs Book club and was going to come on the show to talk about it, but than she decied to end her show.

He talks about how his dad was someone who influenced him, got to see him speak a few times. Rob truly has a passion for what he does and goes into detail in how he got to where he is today.  With his wife and three kids. He he mentions that one of his kids was in a subway commercial.

He is truly a amazing man who great stories and engery to share. I could feel that energy coming from him when I spoke with him. He loves what he does and says he is ready to retire and enjoy life.

So come along with me on this wild ride on getting to know Rob Jolles.

Stay for the story and get to know him as I did

Welcoming NeuroDiverse Christian Couples:  A New Podcast Helping Those Experiencing Neurodiversity Within Relationships!

Dr. Stephanie Holmes and Rev. Dan Holmes host a NEW podcast, for couples of faith in which one partner has been found to be on the Autism spectrum: NeuroDiverse Christian Couples!

Dr. Stephanie Holmes, an ordained minister, along with her husband Rev. Dan Holmes, are beginning their new podcast NeuroDiverse Christian Couples. This amazing couple has a vision of helping couples learn to build better communication and connection between partners. By helping to educate and equip both partners and professionals to be more open about their challenges and their journeys with one another.

Stephanie, previously a host of Springbrook’s Converge Autism podcast, and Dan have created a show that follows their personal vision of helping to provide an opportunity for each individual and family to become responsibly independent, and effectively interdependent, in order to reflect Christ’s love and serve worthy purposes in family, community, and society.

Dan and Stephanie founded the International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC to first and foremost bring hope, help, and possible healing to NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages. Their ministry also includes educating, equipping and helping professionals, clinicians, and ministers learn more effective coaching and counseling strategies by first understanding and accepting the complexities of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages.

They will be alternating between episodes discussing various relationship situations and episodes focusing on specific concepts and more specific educational topics.

About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 70 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health.

About Rev. Dan Holmes 

With a BS from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a MS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology Rev. Holmes also holds several training certifications:

  • Association of Christian Counselor’s Life Coaching Program
  • Certified Master Life Coach through International Board of Christian Counselors (IBCC)
  • Ministerial Credentials through International Assembly of God
  • NeuroDiversity and Marriage Training through International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC

Dan believes there is no greater office one can hold than that of a husband and father. Since both roles require complicated interplay on many levels, Dan also believes God has provided help through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the counsel of others, and the work of life coaches.

About Rev. Stephanie C. Holmes

Dr. Stephanie Holmes holds a BS in Psychology from Campbell University, a MA in Counseling from Liberty University, a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Abilene Christian University, and her highest degree, an Ed.D from Abilene Christian University – where she graduated with distinction upon completing her dissertation, “Creating an Inclusive Climate for Students on the Autism Spectrum.”  Dr. Holmes also holds several other Training and Certifications including being an ordained reverend through IAOG. A full listing of her certifications are available on her website.

Dr. Holmes seeks to bring restoration and spiritual renewal to individuals and couples facing challenging situations. With a desire to glorify God in all that transpires through the counseling/coaching process, she offers life-changing hope to troubled lives. Through the International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC she wants to educate and equip others to build effective strategies for NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages. The theoretical foundation of Dr. Holmes’ counseling ministry is based on the cognitive-behavioral premise that how one thinks affects one’s behavioral choices.


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147:Future Visionaries From JDS Creative Academy

On this episode, we interview Diane Strand and students at the JDS Creative Academy in Temecula, California. This is more than just your regular academy. JDS Creative Academy chairman, Diane Strand, works with anyone with special needs. Diane not only helps the students grow with their media skills, she also helps each student grow as a person and pushes them to be their best with their soft and personal skills. Let’s listen to this episode to see how she helps the students grow! 

Stories Episode 4: Anne (ASD and being a life coach)

In todays episode of Stories, I talk with Anne Sabagh a ASD life coach who has a bit of a upper hand when it comes to coaching. She has ASD herself.  We talk about her memories of her getting diagosned later in life and what her reaction was to her diagnoses.

We learn that her husband too is neurodiverse as well. We talk about why she got into coaching and how she wound up with ASD lifecoaching.  We to know that her favorite sounds is her cats pur…

You can find Anne and the other coaches as ASD Lifecoaching.


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