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Dad’s Addiction: Helping Children to Understand a Father’s Drug Problem

This episode of The Rehab features an interview with author and psychotherapist, Carolyn Hannan Bell. We discuss her most recently published book, “Dad’s Addiction” and the topic of addiction and recovery. When a father uses drugs, it creates chaos in the house.
How do children handle this? What can their mother do to help them understand that it is not their fault?Why is it so important that children understand that their dad’s addiction is out of their control? 
Carolyn Hannan Bell has addressed this issue in her latest book, “Dad’s Addiction”. This wonderfully illustrated book is perfect for a mother to read to her children to help them understand what is happening in their home when dad cannot stop using drugs. It is critical for their development that children understand that they only have control over their own actions. There is nothing that a child can do to influence their father’s addiction. It is never the child’s fault. Carolyn Hannan Bell’s book helps children to understand this. She is a practicing Psychotherapist in South Jersey. She earned her BA in Psychology from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, and her MS in Counseling from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. She often works with families and individuals suffering from the emotional effects of alcohol and substance abuse. This is her third children’s book in her “Helping Children Understand” series. The First is “Daddy’s Disease” and the second “Mommy’s Disease” which were written to help kids understand parental alcoholism.



Our Nations Opiate Epidemic: An Interview with Addiction Campuses


We’ve been excited about this show for quite some time and honored to work with one of the leading addiction recovery centers in the United States, Addiction Campuses. Olivia Quintanilla, Market Director, and Brian Sullivan, Public Relations Manager, from their Tennessee and Texas campuses join us for a heartfelt, candid, and startling discussion about what is happening in the United States for anyone struggling with addiction issues.  

As our audience knows we strive at everythingEHR and Mental Health News Radio Network to work towards eliminating the stigmas surrounding mental illness. Addiction Campuses is leading the charge to change our nations dialogue around the stigma associated with addiction. Even our Host and CEO, Kristin Walker, had to take a look at the language she uses around discussing addiction as you’ll hear on the program.

We cannot stress enough how important this show is to our organization and how proud we are to get right to heart of things with both Olivia and Brian.


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