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Jenny Williamson On The C Three Foundation, The Sinclair Method, And Controlled Drinking

Alcohol addiction is a serious and difficult condition to overcome. There are many different medical services that, when used together, can help treat and prevent addiction. As simple as this seems, many people neglect these solutions until it is too late.

Have you heard about the C Three Foundation?
The C Three foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for The Sinclair Method, or TSM. TSM is a way to reduce alcohol consumption for people who suffer from alcohol addiction and for gray area drinkers.

Jenny Williamson is the Executive Director of the Board of Directors of the C Three Foundation. She works hard to increase awareness of TSM so that more alcohol dependent people will have the opportunity to learn more about this form of pharmacological extinction that essentially erases the alcohol habit from the brain.

Unfortunately, the treatment industry has not participated in promoting this harm reduction protocol for helping people to reduce their drinking. Ms. Williamson is aware that most of that responsibility has fallen on the C Three Foundation.

There are several alcohol addiction treatment options, including TSM. It is reasonable to offer patients choices and it is reasonable to make recomendations based on the individual situations of individual patients.

People deserve equal access to treatment for alcohol misuse. Ms. Williamson and actress Claudia Christian have created the C Three Foundation as a program to act as a bridge between healthcare providers and people interested in medication for alcohol treatment so they can work on overcoming alcoholism.

While naltrexone is the main medication used in The Sinclair Method, the C Three Foundation has no connection to the manufacturers of Naltrexone. While naltrexone, the opiate blocker, plays an important part in treating alcohol abuse, there is more to TSM than just taking a pill every day.

As a tax exempt organization that is structured as a charity, the C Three Foundation provides information on the science of TSM and it provides an advanced treatment locator to help prospective patients to find healthcare providers experienced with TSM.

Please visit Jenny Williamson at
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Real talk about suicide prevention in young adults

Anne Moss Rogers is the author of Diary of a Broken Mind and Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk. Anne Moss lost her 20-year-old son Charles to suicide after a long battle with anxiety, depression, and eventually, substance use disorder. Since then, she has made it her life’s mission to write and speak about mental health, suicide prevention, substance misuse, and finding hope after loss.

Through her books, podcasts, presentations, and website, she is reducing stigma and giving parents and teachers actionable items that make a difference in the fight against suicide.

Every teacher needs a copy of this book!!!

Check out her website:

Diary of a Broken Mind

Charles Rap:

Sudden Loss-When we don't have the ability to say Goodbye

We have lost so many loved ones due to Covid, accidental overdose, and suicide. What does grief look like when we don’t have the chance to say goodbye? Barbara Rubel is a specialist on death and dying and shares with us her personal story of sudden loss. She is a keynote speaker, author and has dedicated her life to “inspiring professionals to handle burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma.” Her strategies can be implemented in the workplace and her clients include more than 1,000 organizations. She is a refreshing resource that reminds us that in our human attempts to manage grief, we need to remember that grief is messy, complicated, and without a timetable.
Her books are incredible resources for anyone dealing with grief and death.

Coping with Grief

Lucy Henry is a rock star with First Sun EAP and a wealth of information on the subject of grief. Listen here as Rich and Lucy discuss the inevitability of experiencing grief and helpful ways to handle it.
Her impressive Bio Below:
I am a consultant who is passionate about Employee Assistance and helping work organizations maximize the productivity of employees. I love helping individuals increase their potential in work and in life. I also enjoy providing training for workplace leadership and for EA Professionals and Affiliate Providers. I am deeply committed to the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) and to the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) certification. My desire is for every work organization to realize the importance of utilizing EAPs for work performance issues and realizing the value that EAPs provide.

Lively conversations on addiction, recovery and mental health

Sam Kleckley openly shares his story of xanax addiction and how he ultimately found a life of health, balance, and success. As a person in recovery, he knows the worst part of being caught in addiction is the feeling that you are all alone.
His podcast, Live Life in Motion, shines the light on those that have overcome adversity. He hopes that anyone that hears his podcast and is struggling will feel less alone.

Edwin McCain is a singer/songwriter and part of the youturn family. He too has shared openly about his substance use disorder so others will feel more comfortable asking for help.

These two made for quite a lively discussion!

See below for Sam’s Podcast information:

Welcome to Live Life in Motion. A podcast designed to motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Episodes will feature guests from all walks of life, including experts in the field of mental and physical well-being.

We will share stories from individuals that have overcome adversity and pushed forward in life, as well as insights on the tools and techniques that helped them excel.

Each of us is destined for success and here you will learn how to unlock your untapped potential.

Click subscribe and start living life to the fullest. Check us out on Instagram @LiveLifeinMotion

How to Take a Break

We can be unrealistic with expectations we set for ourselves ending up burning the candle at both ends. Reminding ourselves that we’re human, are going to make mistakes & that we can’t tackle everything makes for a healthier state of mind. Check out seven ways to pave the way for a more well balanced you:)


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