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Healthcare aficionado and Harvard lawyer Scott Becker

Scott Becker is deeply ensconced in the Healthcare world. He gives us insight into current trends and future outlooks in this space as well as updates on the Covid vaccinations.
Scott Becker previously served on the McGuireWoods LLP Board of Partners and served for nearly 15 years as chairman of the firm’s national Healthcare department. McGuireWoods has one of the best-regarded healthcare practices in the world.

Scott is the Founder and the Publisher of Beckers Healthcare and Beckers Hospital Review and its related events and publications. Mr. Becker remains the Publisher and Chief Content Officer of Beckers HealthCare.

Scott also produces the Becker Group Business News, the Becker Private Equity Podcast, and the Becker Business Podcast.

Mr. Becker is a Harvard Law School Graduate and a University of Illinois undergraduate business school graduate in Finance and Accounting. He is also the author of four books and a CPA

Alone in the Crowd

If you feel lonely around others, this video is here to teach you how to stop feeling lonely and isolated. Even with lots of friends, family, or colleagues, it is common to feel alone and disconnected. To shift this to a feeling of friendship and inclusiveness, be sure to follow my proven method!

A Mom’s Worst Nightmare Part 2

This is the continuing story of Lisa Larson’s devastating loss of her son due to an overdose. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that our system for treating substance use disorder is in need of a major overhaul. From the prescribing doctor to the emergency room (stigma) to the rehabs (body brokering) and especially for the lack of pertinent education and support for the families. This has been our mission all along, supporting and educating the families.

A Mom's Worst Nightmare Part One

We have all heard about the Opioid Crisis but listen here as a mom painfully recounts her final days before her son passed away from an overdose. Learn what she had to go through, what could have been done differently, and the major overhaul needed within the addiction/treatment sector. For Lisa and for everyone that has lost a loved one to an overdose, we can do better and we are working to change the broken system. Thank you for your bravery, honesty, and love for your son.
Lisa has been involved with youturn since the very beginning and is an active volunteer with FAVOR Greenville. She is helping other families deal with their grief and is hoping to change the way families are treated within the addiction/recovery world.

Bruce Rose Director at Alcohol Recovery Scotland

Bruce Rose has worked for many years in the rehab industry, managing drug and alcohol treatment centers. A few years ago, Bruce was researching the topic of medication-assisted alcohol treatment and came across information on The Sinclair Method, or TSM. TSM is simply medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder using the medication, naltrexone.

Bruce decided to dedicate his work to supporting clients interested in using this method of addiction treatment that relies on pharmacological extinction. In these past few years, he has seen incredible success with his clients, watching them recover quickly and without the usual issues of severe alcohol withdrawal and alcohol deprivation syndrome.

In this interview with Bruce Rose, we discuss his approach to helping clients with their prescribed alcohol treatment program. We also talk about the future of medical treatment for alcohol and the possible integration of TSM with traditional residential rehab programs.

You can reach Bruce Rose here:

Staying Sane During These Challenging Times

If you’re feeling hopeless, anxious, or stressed after the recent events, here are some tips for your mental health Capitol Hill Riots. Such a shocking event can throw some of us into mental turmoil, and it is important that we move forward trying to maintain hope and move forward as a nation to stay strong even when incidents like this rock us.


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