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Episode 61: Jason Shiers (he/him) is a certified transformative coach and psychotherapist working with eating disorders and addiction

Catherine and Francis are excited to welcome Jason Shiers, a Certified Transformative Coach & Certified Psychotherapist who has been working with addictions and mental health for over 20 years in evolving ways, to the program. After his own recovery started 25 years ago in 12 steps, he had been searching for something different, following the path to a degree in transactional analysis, a psychodynamic theory of how people work, he found he was still not happy.

After a chance encounter, Jason found the work of another transformative coach which changed his life in unrecognizable ways. He has been teaching and sharing the principals of his work with addictions ever since; and to him, it made no sense to practice any other way. Addiction no longer looked like something that needed a complex theory or diagnostic label to overcome. As a result Jason realized people can spontaneously recovery and change their lives from any mental health diagnosis, to being happy joyous and truly free. We’re grateful for his time, insights, and energy.

For more information about Jason and his work, please visit

CW: eating disorder behaviors, substance use disorder behaviors, trauma, suicidal ideation, brief mention of intentional weight loss.

Episode 60 Jenn Hicks (she/hers), Nia Instructor, shares her story of healing that was ignited through joyful movement

We are so excited to welcome Jenn Hicks, a Nia instructor who also runs a private practice in Speech-Language Pathology, specializing in acquired brain injury, to the podcast. Nia is a holistic movement and wellness practice addressing each aspect of one’s life, including body, mind, and soul, and is a practice Jenn has been teaching Nia through a body/fat positivity and Health At Every Size lens ever since recovering from her eating disorder and exercise addiction. During the interview, Jenn speaks to the importance of changing our perspective from “no pain no gain” to one that allows to align with the core principle of Nia: finding joy in movement.

We are so grateful for Jenn’s time and insights, and if you would like to reach out to Jenn and find out more information, please visit

Be well!

Episode 59: Kristie Amadio (she/hers), Certified Eating Disorders Coach and founder of Recovered Living, shares her story of recovery

EDNR is thrilled to introduce Kristie Amadio, Certified Eating Disorders Coach and founder of Recovered Living, an eating disorder recovery coaching company in the United States. As with every aspect of her life, Kristie brings forth a one-of-kind, irrepressible enthusiasm and candid honesty – the foundation which forms the basis of Kristie’s essence. She is a former elite athlete who experienced an eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder for 14 years before finding full recovery. She trained and worked as a counselor in both Australia and New Zealand before starting Recovered Living, an online recovery coaching service as well as having 24/7 live-ins across the Globe, including the United States (she’ll talk about what a “live-in” is on the show!).

After the interview, Catherine and Francis reflect on the conversation, specifically about access to treatment, noting that the amazing work Kristie and her team are doing should be available for more people to experience to help them fully recovery.

For more information about Kristie and her endeavors, please visit

We’re so grateful for Kristie’s time, energy, and insights. Enjoy!

This Week's Digest: We have some news!

It’s a quick digest today, folx! We’re excited to announce some changes to our current format and hope these changes make it easier for you to listen at your convenience.

•We are no longer breaking up longer episodes into more than one part. We’ll post the whole conversation, and you decide how much you want to listen to at one time.
•Our “digests” (reflections on conversations with guests) will be wrapped into each episode rather than being posted separately.
•We’ll be posting one episode each Saturday to streamline our process (starting next Saturday!).

We have some really exciting guests coming up, including Kristie Amadio (check out her TEDx Talk here:; Jennifer Hicks, a NIA instructor; Jason Shiers, who has worked with eating disorders and substance use disorder; Kelly Davidson, a HAES dietitian; JL Keez, an author and recovery coach; Vance Goodman, a poet and chaplain; and many more.
As always, let us know your thoughts. What would you like to hear more about? What episodes have moved you? How can we best support you in your recovery journey? We are here to help you, and we want to get to know you.

Episode 58: This Week's Digest

On This Week’s Digest, Catherine and Francis explore themes that were relatable from their conversation with Kristina Bruce, Certified Body Trust Provider. Francis reflected on how it is important for folx experiencing body image dissatisfaction to meet themselves where they are, and to take a more neutral approach towards their body image. He discusses how, for him, body image dissatisfaction was present before, during, and after his eating disorder experience. Catherine shares how her lived experience with body image dissatisfaction was different, and that during the throes of her eating disorder experience, the behaviors were more related to control than hating her body. Still, the co-hosts both recognize that recovery is made harder by external forces that contribute to the narrative that a certain body is “good”, “healthy”, or “ideal”. Every body is good. Health is individualized and is not an epidemic. And the ideal body image mentality is a scam aimed to profit off of individual’s low self-esteem. You are allowed to love the body you have. And if that feels like too much right now, you are allowed to take care — and be neutral towards — the body you have. Nourish it. Begin to respect it. Your happiness does not have to be tied to your physical appearance. In fact, life can feel more free when it’s not.

Episode 57, Part 2: Kristina Bruce shares her insights on how social media and cognitive reframing can help change body image perceptions

Part 2 of our conversation with Kristina Bruce, Certified body trust® Provider and Integrative Life Coach, is here and full of profound insight and hope. Kristina talks about how social media has become a space to fight back against the “diet culture spell”, as Kristina puts it, allowing people to connect and view bodies that look like theirs, have abilities like theirs, and detach themselves from the normative bodies often seen in typical media platforms. Finally, Kristina shares her wisdom for folx experiencing body image dissatisfaction and how to create space to perceive your body differently, and from a more neutral perspective, to create freedom and space for other parts of one’s life to thrive.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll be back on Wednesday for This Week’s Digest!

Episode 57, Part 1: Kristina Bruce (she/hers), certified body trust provider and integrative Life Coach, joins the podcast

Kristine Bruce, a certified body trust® provider and integrative Life Coach, joins the podcast to talk about her work helping clients develop positive relationships with their bodies without dieting or focusing on weight loss. Kristina specializes in working with individuals on accepting and trusting their bodies and brings this expertise and experience to the programs. She takes time to delineate between the various terminology around body acceptance, including body neutrality, fat activism, and body positivity, and how individuals experiencing shame or self-hatred about their bodies can become a part of these movements and gain freedom in their lives.

Catch Part 2 of the conversation on Saturday!

For more information or ways to connect with Kristina, please visit

Episode 56: This Week's Digest

Catherine and Francis reflect on their conversation with Rebecca Eyre, CEO of ProjectHEAL, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals experiencing eating disorders access treatment. The co-host’s comment on Rebecca’s view that most of the country is experiencing some degree of disordered eating, maintained by deeply rooted fatphobic, racist, and ableist beliefs about body, food, weight, and health. It’s important to continually acknowledge our own bias, and more, take meaningful action to address them. It was a pleasure to speak with and reflect on the conversation with someone who does that exactly. More more information about ProjectHEAL please visit

Take care and be well!

Episode 55, Part 2: Rebecca Eyre, CEO, ProjectHEAL, talks mental health parity and provides wisdom for those looking for recovery

Catherine and Francis wrap up their interview with Rebecca Eyre, CEO of ProjectHEAL in what has been an insightful, powerful, and educational discussion. Part 2 features Rebecca talking about mental health parity from the perspective of a provider, non-profit leader, and person with lived experience, highlighting the importance of underserved and marginalized individuals receiving equitable care for their eating disorder experiences. Rebecca shares her wisdom for those searching for recovery, believing that all people deserve recovery and that full recovery is possible. It was such a pleasure to speak with Rebecca, and if you are interested in finding out more information or how to connect, please visit

See you next week! Be well!

Episode 55, Part 1: Rebecca Eyre (she/hers), CEO of ProjectHEAL, talks barriers and access to treatment, mental health parity, and inclusion

In this episode, Catherine and Francis welcome Rebecca Eyre, CEO of ProjectHEAL, a nonprofit organization focused on equitable treatment access for eating disorders. Rebecca brings a deep understanding and insight into the world of eating disorder treatment, having navigated the field as a clinician, advocate, nonprofit leadership positions, and through lived experience. Anchoring Rebecca’s passion for this work is her belief in the universal potential for full recovery from eating disorders. Her lived experience includes close relationships with loved ones struggling with eating disorders – some of whom recovered and some of whom did not – and seeing firsthand what makes the difference: personal willingness and (more importantly) access to care. She is also personally committed to fighting for radical body acceptance and fighting against the insidious cultural norms of diet mentality and fatphobia. Rebecca identifies as a queer woman and is committed to bring an intersectional lens to her leadership of Project HEAL. Rebecca has been working as a clinician with eating disorders and trauma since 2011, both a treatment setting and in private practice. As a therapist, she developed a firsthand knowledge of the complexities – and too often, the injustices – of insurance coverage for eating disorders. She knows that deeper systemic change is required before healing is truly accessible to all. She brings this awareness, knowledge, and insight to the space today, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Rebecca.

Listen-in to Part 2 of the conversation with Rebecca on Wednesday.

For more information about ProjectHEAL, visit


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