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Episode 54: This Week's Digest

Catherine and Francis reflect on their conversation with Lynn, Giva, Chris, and Marissa from ANAD — both the non-profits executive leadership and the mentorship program. The co-host consider how connection and support with someone with lived experience can be especially helpful for those experiencing eating disorders — being heard in a nonjudgemental way is so important!

If you or a loved one are looking for additional support in your recovery, reach out to and ask about their various programs. You got this!

Episode 53, Part 2: Chris (she/hers) and Marissa (she/hers) open up about being in a recovery mentor and mentee relationship

In this episode, Catherine and Francis speak with Chris and Marissa about their participation in ANAD’s mentorship program. Chris — the mentor — shares her path through her eating disorder experience towards recovery, and reflects on how she has gained so much in her relationship with Marissa. Marissa — the mentee — offers a vulnerable and empowering reflection on her own path towards recovery, offering insight into the ups and downs of her eating disorder experience. What an honor and privilege it was to speak with these two remarkable individuals!

For more resources and information about ANAD and its mentorship program, please visit

Episode 53, Part 1: Lynn Slawsky (she/hers) and Giva Ann Wilkerson (she/hers) share how ANAD helps those impacted by eating disorders

In this episode, Francis and Catherine are happy to welcome Lynn Slawsky, Executive Director, and Giva Ann Wilkerson, Program Director of ANAD (National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders). Lynn and Giva both describe their own experiences finding recovery from eating disorders, and they outline the many ways ANAD enhances treatment and facilitates recovery with programs like peer mentorship, support groups, and grocery buddies. The conversation concludes with Giva and Lynn’s advice for listeners trying to find recovery.

We are grateful for the time Lynn and Giva took to share their experiences and work with us, and we look forward to our next episode, where we have the opportunity to interview a peer mentor/mentee pair who connected through ANAD’s program.

To learn more about ANAD, visit

Episode 52: This Week's Digest

Catherine and Francis reflect on their conversation with Billie Carroll, a Holistic Recovery and Resiliency Counselor who works with individuals in the prison system on finding ways to connect and heal their relationship with their bodies. The co-hosts discuss the need for increased awareness and information about the intersection of eating disorders, the prison system, and trauma.

Episode 51: Billie Carroll (she/hers), a Holistic Recovery and Resiliency Counselor, shares how yoga helps her connect to the divine spark

Billie Carroll (she/hers) is a Holistic Recovery and Resiliency Counselor who uses the technologies of mediation, Yoga and Ayurveda to help people reach new levels of recovery and thriving. She is certified in many areas of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda and has traveled to Rishikesh India to study. She is a certified trauma informed and trauma releasing Yoga teacher, Ayurveda consultant and Peer Recovery Specialist who works with people with addictions, trauma, body image dissatisfaction, and/or mental health issues. She is a Yoga Body Positive ambassador and a partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. She teaches classes and workshops in studios, for non-profits, crisis stabilization units, domestic violence shelters, drug and alcohol treatment facilities as well as jail and prisons.

She believes that yoga helps her connect to the divine spark and share that spark with the world, and brings that perspective to the podcast today.

When not working Billie enjoys reading, gardening and creative projects. She also enjoys getting out in nature and spending time with her husband David, their cats, dogs and turtle.

Episode 49, Part 1: Deanna Linville, Ph.D., LMFT, talks how supportive systems — such as family — intersect with eating disorder recovery

Catherine and Francis are excited to welcome Deanna Linville, Ph.D, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Oregon. She joins the podcast to talk about the importance and value of including support systems — including family, chosen family, friends, and caretakers — in the treatment and recovery of eating disorders, noting that the family as a whole experiences the eating disorder, not only the individual.

She brings two decades of experience providing direct mental health care, clinical supervision, and training as well as conducting clinical research to the podcast. Her professional experiences to date inspire and inform her clinical research and allow her to stay on the cutting edge of best practices for training mental health professionals to provide ethical and culturally responsive care. Linville earned her MS and Ph.D. degrees at Virginia Tech in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as completed a 12-month doctoral fellowship at the Chicago Center for Family Health, where she gained specialized training and experience working in collaborative family healthcare settings. She has published over forty manuscripts as well as developed and tested numerous clinical interventions aimed to reduce health disparities, prevent eating disorders, and promote family wellness.

Catherine and Francis are grateful for Deanna’s time, and are excited to provide space for both her lived and professional experiences with eating disorders to be heard.

Episode 48: This Week's Digest

In this week’s digest, Catherine and Francis reflect on their conversation with Kristen Tully, MSW, who spoke about the intersection of grief and eating disorders. Francis talks about his passion for the topic, revealing the complexities of grief within his lived experience. Catherine comments on how support for grieving an eating disorder is received quite differently — if at all — than the support for the loss of a relationship or death of a family member or friend.

Episode 47: Kristen Tully (she/hers), MSW, discusses the intersection of grief and eating disorders and shares her story of recovery

On this episode, Catherine and Francis are grateful and excited to welcome KristenTully, she/her, an advocate for Eating Disorder education, awareness, and recovery. Kristen received her Master of Social Work and Nonprofit Management Certificate from VCU in 2020. Today she discusses her experience with an eating disorder, including how a difficult conversation with her parents catalyzed her recovery. Kristen also outlines the stages of grief, and explores the intersection of grief work and eating disorder recovery. Finally, she shares her tips for self-care.

Kristen continues to use her voice of lived experience and education as an advocacy tool to help others and their families that are struggling. She had the honor of organizing the Richmond NEDA Walk for four years and is currently an ANAD mentor. Kristen identifies as a person in recovery, a cat-lover, and a mental health advocate. In her free time she enjoys hiking, kayaking, crafting, and going to estate sales as forms of self care.

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

NOTE: there are some sound quality issues during the interview and did the best editing possible.


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