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NEW to MHNR Network:  Pivot Work Podcast with Elizabeth Belliveau!

Elizabeth Belliveau brings us Pivot Work, a podcast to help normalize the need to adapt in life.  Pivot Work is all about those moments of our lives in which we decide to pause and reevaluate, pivot, and reinvent ourselves.  

“So many of us fall into the trap of ‘good for always’ versus ‘good for now’, as I call it in therapy. Or we feel as though if something works for a while, it will always work. That’s simply not true. Our lives, needs, goals, plans, and work changes throughout our lives. So many of us become debilitated by this, and I want people to see pivot moments as moments of hope.” – Elizabeth Belliveau

Feeling creatively stifled by the limits the pandemic had placed on this year, Elizabeth Belliveau has taken the year and all of its changes in tow as she is trying to make some changes herself in how she finds ways to reach out to help others. She has noted a common theme within clients and colleagues that many are having to find ways to reinvent themselves in an ever-changing world. While this is incredibly important, it is also difficult work for anyone who finds themselves having to make life changes as change is often full of anxiety and uncertainty.  She wants people to remember that we all have the innate resilience to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

Elizabeth finds great value in helping others share their stories of reflection, change, and the hard work that goes into it. She is trying to help, on a broad scale, anyone who is needing to reinvent themselves in ways that require imagination and resilience.  Hearing how others have navigated their lives during these moments of reflection and ‘Pivots’ within their lives can help remind us that we aren’t alone.  The stories to be featured on Pivot Work will remind us that we all have choices and can rise above the uncertainties, the setbacks, and the trajectory changes.

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About Elizabeth Belliveau

Elizabeth Belliveau, MSW, LICSW is a practicing clinical social worker and has experience in a wide variety of settings, including residential programs with adolescents, juvenile justice, school-based counseling, outpatient therapy, and in-home/wrap services through the CBHI model. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, her practice embodies a client-centered, holistic, multi-faceted treatment approach that encourages achieving full functionality in life. Elizabeth specializes in helping clients achieve sustainable change in their lives.

She is a mother to a 13-month-old son and has two rescue dogs at home, Harry & Sally are two of the most resilient ‘people’ she knows.


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