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Half Broke with Ginger Gaffney

Join me as I speak with Ginger Gaffney, author of Half Broke, a riveting memoir that offers profound insight into the profound relationship between horse and human. Based in the alternative prison ranch in New Mexico ran by the prisoners, Ginger brings healing and hope to both horses and humans alike.

Dr. Marcus Ranney — International Champion of Wellbeing, Humanitarian

Dr. Marcus Ranney is an international champion of wellbeing who has recently been directly involved in the fight against COVID in India. His philosophy centers around enhancing the positive aspects of health rather than focusing solely on disease. Ranney’s research has taken him to the sides of Everest, skiing in the Arctic and the European Alps, and he has served as a medical officer in the Royal Air Force and at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. He’s recently authored the book “At the Human Edge” which looks at human physiology and extreme sports. He is a keen athlete and marathon runner, holding a Guinness World Record for backwards running. Learn more at or through his social media handle – docmranney.

The Rude Awakening with Dr. Judy Mikovits

“ Again. It’s a shame so many Americans do not appreciate the new rules concerning the use of face coverings among the fully vaccinated. After all, asking jabbed citizens to mask up after telling them they don’t need to mask up, after suggesting to them that wearing two masks almost all the time would be even better, must be the best possible and most consistent public health policy under the current circumstances. What is the world is going on and where is everything headed?” (citation: Riley Waggaman) Making her second appearance on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth is Dr. Judy Mikovits – a modern-day Rosalind Franklin, a brilliant researcher shaking up the old boys’ club of science with her ground-breaking discoveries. And like many women who have trespassed into the world of men, she uncovered decades old secrets that many would prefer to stay buried. JUDY A. MIKOVITS, PHD Dr. Judy A. Mikovits earned her BA in chemistry with a specialization in biology from the University of Virginia in 1980 and her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1992. In her 35-year quest to understand and treat chronic diseases, she has co-authored seminal papers culminating at least a decade of research in each of four fields: immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, and HIV/AIDs drug development. In 2006, she became attracted to the plight of families with neuroimmune diseases including ME/CFS and autism. Dr. Mikovits has been primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between environmentally acquired immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and these diseases. Dr. Mikovits has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, many in the world’s top medical journals and she has been profiled in Discover magazine as well as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Her pioneering work during her 20-year career at the National Cancer Institute includes the discovery of the modulation of DNA methylation machinery by human retro viral infection and the development of the concept of inflammatory cytokines and chemokine signatures of infection and disease, which was first published in 1999, when she directed the Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms in developing therapeutics and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS and AIDS associated malignancies. These are all therapies that are still the standard of care twenty-five years later and credited with saving millions of deaths from HIV/AIDS. Website Link: 

It's My Birthday

Wow – I turned 55! Living with advanced cancer means living to the next birthday is not a guarantee. I am in awe of this beautiful and terrible thing called life. I am grateful for my broken down, tired body. I know I am living on borrowed time and I am even grateful for that knowing. My life is so much richer. This makes me a wealthy person. In fact, I am the luckiest person I know.

Simone Biles! “GOAT” to Infinity and Beyond…

Simone~ Thank you for truly BEing a champion In demonstrating an AWARENESS that you were practicing SELFLOVE in your decision to step back and tend to your MENTAL HEALTH this week. Your resilience, your voice, your soul, your champion mindset is sending a message to the world “There is no health without mental health!” The […] Continue reading…

Olivia Bareham: Taking Back Funerals from the Funeral Industry

Olivia Bareham is the founder of Sacred Crossings, a Los Angeles based funeral home specializing in green, environmentally sensitive products and after-death care practices. They specialize in home funerals, green burial, full-body sea burial, direct cremation, witness cremation and celebrant services. The home funeral allows family and friends to care for the body of their loved-one at home, in their own time honoring cultural and religious traditions. Find out more at

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Carol Giuliani — Expert Travel Companion for Seniors

Carol Giuliani loves to travel and is a whiz at planning and executing trips by air or car, all over the world. She also has decades of caregiving experience and worked as an attorney and professional fiduciary, managing the finances of seniors for many years. Six years ago, she combined her talents to create Senior Travel Companion Services to help seniors safely and comfortably get to their desired destinations. Since then, she has planned and executed over 60 trips for people with mental and physical disabilities, including dementia, Parkinson’s, vision loss and other obstacles or concerns that have hindered their ability to travel alone or with groups. Find out more at

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I Wasn't Ready to Let Go

I love my job. As a mental health professional, it’s an honor and a privilege to sit with people as they work through some of their hardest moments. In this episode, I talk with one of my current clients about what brought her into therapy and what she is learning about herself. I invite you to listen to this revealing conversation between therapist and client. It’s raw, revealing, painful and hopeful.

Dr Bill Rawls — What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Bill Rawls is an OB-GYN and leading expert in Lyme disease, integrative health, and herbal medicine. In the middle of his successful medical career, Dr. Rawls’ life was interrupted by Lyme disease. As he struggled to overcome it, he explored nearly every treatment possible – from conventional medicine to a range of alternative therapies. In the process, Dr. Rawls discovered a shocking amount of controversy and confusion around causes, diagnosis, and treatment that left thousands of patients confused, unsupported, and chronically ill. Find out more about Dr. Rawls on Here is the direct link to the free book offer:

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