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The Revolution with Dr. Ron Paul

  Dr. Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for liberty, prosperity and peace. Dr. Paul served twelve terms in the US House of Representatives and was a three-time candidate for US president. He has devoted his political career to the defense of individual liberty, sound money, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. Judge Andrew Napolitano calls him “the Thomas Jefferson of our day.” After serving as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force in the 1960s, Dr. Paul moved to Texas to begin a civilian medical practice, delivering over four thousand babies in his career as an obstetrician. Dr. Paul served in Congress from 1976 to 1984, and again from 1996 to 2013. He and Carol Paul, his wife of more than fifty years, have five children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Ron Paul, the New York Post once wrote, is a politician who “cannot be bought by special interests.” “There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles,” added a congressional colleague. “Ron Paul is one of those few.” Ron Paul never voted for legislation unless the proposed measure was expressly authorized by the Constitution. Also as congressman: Ron Paul never voted to raise taxes. Ron Paul never voted for an unbalanced budget. Ron Paul never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership. Ron Paul never voted to raise congressional pay. Ron Paul never taken a government-paid junket. Ron Paul never voted to increase the power of the executive branch. Ron Paul voted against the Patriot Act. Ron Paul voted against regulating the Internet. Ron Paul voted against the Iraq war. Ron Paul does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program. Ron Paul is now chairman of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, a non-profit educational charity, and host of the daily Ron Paul Liberty Report SPECIAL THANKS TO: Daniel McAdams, Chris Rossini, Dylan Charles, and Chris Duane

A Special Event: Richard Belzer

  Legendary actor, brilliant comedian and bestselling author Richard Belzer is known for his portrayal of Detective John Munch, one of the longest-running roles in television history. Born in Connecticut in 1944, Richard Belzer wound his way toward New York City, and by the early 1970s had established himself on the comedy scene with his biting wit. After two decades’ worth of appearances onstage, in television and in film, in 1993 he landed the role for which he is best known, as Detective John Munch in the hit NBC series Homicide: Life on the Street. Belzer’s Munch was then incorporated into the crime series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a role that has lasted for more than 15 seasons. During this period, Belzer has also appeared in numerous other TV series and films and has also authored several conspiracy-theory themed books. Unruly Richard Belzer was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on August 4, 1944, and displayed a penchant for mischief early on. Though these tendencies would serve him well in his later career, as a youth they led to expulsions from numerous schools, including Dean College, which he attended briefly before being asked to leave following his participation in several student demonstrations. The early deaths of his parents—his mother from breast cancer when he was 18 and his father’s suicide when he was 22—only contributed to the chaos that neither a stint in the army, numerous day jobs nor his first marriage could tame. However, by the early 1970s, Belzer’s wanderings took him to New York City, where his rabble-rousing finally proved an asset, earning him a spot in the Channel One sketch-comedy group, which included rising comedic star Chevy Chase and resulted in Belzer’s screen debut in its 1974 film The Groove Tube. Meanwhile, Belzer was becoming a regular at New York City comedy clubs, sharpening his biting, sarcastic wit, eventually becoming the regular emcee at Catch a Rising Star and landing a role in the 1975 off-Broadway production of the National Lampoon stage show. When fellow cast members—including Chase, John Belushi, Bill Murray and Gilda Radner—went on to form the core of Saturday Night Live! Belzer followed, with three appearances on the program between 1976 and 1978, a period during which Belzer’s second marriage came and went. Branching Out By the early 1980s, Belzer’s growing network of connections—which included his cousin Henry Winkler—helped his career get to the next level, with small parts in such iconic films of the era as Fame (1980), Author! Author! (1982) and Scarface (1983). His comic endeavors continued to flourish as well, leading to the Cinemax series The Richard Belzer Show in 1984 and a spot as the host of the late-night television show Hot Properties, on which he was once famously knocked unconscious by wrestler Hulk Hogan, whom he later sued. Wrestling injuries aside, by the latter half of the decade things were looking up for Belzer, who married actress Harlee McBride and began his career as an author with the satirical How to Be a Stand-Up Comic. He also continued to land parts in television and film, including on the series Miami Vice and The Flash and in Fletch Lives (1987) and Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), as well as making regular stand-up appearances on The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman. Becoming John Munch Sarcastic, conspiratorial, self-deprecating and smooth, in 1993 Belzer was able to infuse his real-life personality into the fictional role for which he is best known—as Detective John Munch. Created for the much-acclaimed NBC series Homicide: Life on the Street, Belzer’s Detective Munch served as the comic relief to Ned Beatty’s gruff Detective Stanley Bolander for the show’s successful seven-season run. However, by the time Homicide came to an end in 1999, the character had become so popular that—after several cameos in earlier seasons—it was incorporated permanently into Dick Wolf’s Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit. Appearing as the partner of Ice-T’s Detective Tutuola, Belzer’s Detective John Munch remained a central character on the popular show for 15 seasons before it was retired in 2013, making it one of the longest-running roles in television history. During this period, Belzer also appeared as Munch on several other series, including Sesame Street, The X-Files, The Wire and 30 Rock, among others. In May 2016, Belzer and Munch returned to Law & Order: SVU in a guest appearance for a new episode. Lone Nut Despite the demands of his duties as Detective John Munch, Belzer has simultaneously maintained his successful callings as a comedian, author and conspiracy theorist. In 1997 he starred in the HBO comedy special Richard Belzer: Another Lone Nut, and he has been a regular guest on the Howard Stern Show. He was cast as the president in the 1998 horror film Species II and appeared as himself in the Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon (1999). Among his literary offerings are the novels I Am Not a Cop (2008) and I Am Not a Psychic (2009), as well as the conspiracy-theory titles Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination (2013), Dead Wrong (2013) and Someone Is Hiding Something: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? (2015). He also hosts the conspiracy-centered series The Belzer Connection and the popular YouTube series Richard Belzer’s Conversation.

Abundance Coach Leisa Peterson

Leisa Peterson helps entrepreneurs heal their money stories so they can create profitable businesses that fulfill their wildest dreams. Leisa is also an intuitive business coach, money and mindfulness expert and bestselling author on Amazon. Leisa’s known for her ability to quickly identify the exact issues that are holding someone back from achieving their goals. Once discovered Leisa draws upon various modalities including energy clearing, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Allowing ™, mindfulness practices and breath work to assist her clients in clearing out these emotional and mental obstacles. Once cleared Leisa gives customized instructions for how to apply the breakthrough experiences to enhance every aspect of their lives: financial, business and personal. As a result of her teachings, Leisa is helping thousands of people develop practical skills for attracting greater wealth, freedom and peace of mind into their lives. She’s also the founder of where she hosts a podcast and blogs about what it means to manage money mindfully. Leisa is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and has an MBA in finance. She worked in personal finance for over 20 years and has been an entrepreneur since she started selling gardening seeds door-to-door at age 8. Leisa has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Forbes, Huffington Post and has written several books about ideas for creating more abundance in your life. When she’s not inspiring entrepreneurs to take back control of their relationship with money, Leisa spends time hiking, dirt biking, and painting around Sedona, AZ where she lives with her husband and 2 children. Website Link:  

Mercy for Animals with Nathan Runkle

  Nathan Runkle would have been a fifth-generation farmer in his small midwestern town. Instead, he founded Mercy For Animals: our nation’s leading nonprofit organization for protecting factory farmed animals. In his book “Mercy For Animals,” Nathan brings us into the trenches of his organization’s work; from MFA’s early days in grassroots activism, to dangerous and dramatic experiences doing undercover investigations, to the organization’s current large-scale efforts at making sweeping legislative change to protect factory farmed animals and encourage compassionate food choices. But this isn’t just Nathan’s story. Mercy For Animals examines how our country moved from a network of small, local farms with more than 50 percent of Americans involved in agriculture to a massive coast-to-coast industrial complex controlled by a mere 1 percent of our population—and the consequences of this drastic change on animals as well as our global and local environments. We also learn how MFA strives to protect farmed animals in behind-the-scenes negotiations with companies like Nestlé and other brand names—conglomerates whose policy changes can save countless lives and strengthen our planet. Alongside this unflinching snapshot of our current food system, readers are also offered hope and solutions—big and small—for ending mistreatment of factory farmed animals. From simple diet modifications to a clear explanation of how to contact corporations and legislators efficiently, Mercy For Animals proves that you don’t have to be a hardcore vegan or an animal-rights activist to make a powerful difference in the lives of animals. Pigs, cows, chickens, fish, and other farmed animals are smart and unique individuals just like the dogs and cats we share our homes with. But behind the closed doors of modern farms they endure brutal cruelty. Most spend their entire lives in dark, crowded, waste-filled sheds. Some are locked in cages so small they can barely turn around. Because many animal cruelty laws do not protect them, farmed animals are often beaten, mutilated, and painfully slaughtered. Book Link: Together, we can expose and end this abuse. Join us in helping protect farmed animals by inspiring compassionate food choices and policies.  

Soul Surrender with Psychic Medium Patricia Mischell

Patricia Mischell is a powerful psychic medium who radiates rays of warmth, healing, and comfort At the age of eleven, Ms. Mischell died on the operating table when she was having surgery. She was dead for seven minutes. During this time she visited God‘s world with her angel. After this experience, Patricia received the ability to move freely into God‘s world and speak with those who have passed on. This is all done through mental telepathy, communicating with the mind. Patricia is able to contact those you wish to speak to and bring back astounding information. Patricia uses your date of birth and that of your loved ones to contact your soul’s energy from your Akashicrecords. Patricia began having psychic visions started at the age of three when she began having visitations from her guardian angel. When Patricia goes into the Alpha level, she reach into the Akashic records and it is here she is able to provide you with your past, present and future readings. These readings also include angel readings where your angels come forward from God‘s world and give you their names. Patricia receives past life readings that are at times so accurate people feel as though they have had a healing and an understanding of why their lives have become what they are today along with the final understanding of the karma they are experiencing. Patricia has been an avid student of metaphysics for over 28 years and she is an ordained minister of the gospel. Patricia has also been a Pastor of her own church for over 15 years (called H.O.P.E. Ministries). Patricia has studied with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Robert Schuller of Hour of Power she is the author of many books including: Beyond Positive Thinking. Patricia has also been featured on such programs as ABC’s “Good Morning America,” The Jerry Springer Show, The Gordon Elliott show, and more. Patricia has also solved many missing persons cases, along with murder cases. From Patricia: “My quest then in this life has been to make your world a better place for you to understand God as I do. That he is a loving Father and is closer then you think and is only a breath away. Come into my life and allow me to nurture you as I do so many of my clients. We all need friends in life and that is the reason I am here. Give me a call or e-mail me. You will be delighted to learn that our time together will be well worth it and is taped, and confidential. I look forward to your call. (513) 563-1744. Website:

Walking Through Walls with Philip Smith

Walking Through Walls with Philip Smith “Philip Smith’s compelling readable memoir of his father—a psychic, exorcist, hands-on healer, and… decorator!—is as entertaining as it is bizarre, all the way to its unexpected and deeply moving conclusion.” —John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil For the first time since 2014, Bestselling Author & Renowned Artist Philip Smith returns to the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show. Philip talks about his Father Lew Smith whom some could say has similarities to legendary mystic Edgar Cayce. Philip Smith’s Extended Bio Philip Smith’s pictographic work was first seen in the seminal Pictures Exhibition at Artists Space. Curated by Douglas Crimp,the show included Robert Longo, Sherrie Levine, Troy Brauntuch, Jack Goldstein and Philip Smith. These five artists established the movement that has become known as The Pictures Generation that now includes Cindy Sherman, RichardPrince, Laurie Simmons and others. The curious and psychologically-charged images in Smith’s new paintings are drawn from found imagery in 1950s Cold War spy manuals, lingerie ads, books on mysticism and numerology, lost magic books and early genetic diagrams. Smith works the canvas like a physicist’s blackboard where he can postulate new image formulations and equations. The paintings are characterized by slightly visible erased imagery that serves as both memory and ghost- like images reminiscent of Smith’s childhood that was filled with séances and talking spirits. The result is a disorienting universe characteristic of Smith’s long association with both pop culture and metaphysical practices. “I think of the paintings really as drawings, as if the canvas were just a large sheet of paper. This allows me to work freely and automatically as if in some sort of trance state. The result is somewhat similar to the intent of Jain paintings from India or Tibetan thangkas, which serve to open a door to another realm. This often results in a curious sensation of time travel for the viewer.” Smith’s work has been included in both the Whitney and Beijing Biennials and is in the permanent collection of the Whitney, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas Museum of Art, Miami Art Museum, Detroit Institute of Art, among others. Smith’s unusual life story has been captured in his memoir, WALKING THROUGH WALLS, published by Simon and Schuster. It is the true story of growing up with a father who discovers that he has supernatural powers and can talk to the dead and heal the sick. SHOWTIME has acquired the book for a weekly television series, now in development.

Spiritual Healing with MDMA

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth examines the medicinal & spiritual benefits of MDMA. Also known ecstasy, MDMA is a synthetic compound that produces hallucinations, feelings of emotional warmth and high levels of energy. The same psychoactive properties that make ecstasy so popular with partygoers may also make it useful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Outer Limits of Inner Truth Show Guest Key: 02:14 – Dr. Julie Holland 25.01 – James Giordano, PhD. 42:77 – Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor 47:33 – Psychic Medium Lisa Caza Other research has found that MDMA has robust anticancer properties, particularly for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. In 2011, researchers from the University of Birmingham found that a slightly modified form of ecstasy was 100 times more potent at destroying cancer cells than the original form of MDMA. “Further work is required, but this research is a significant step forward in developing a potential new cancer drug,” the researchers said in a statement. [Source – Live Science] Featured Guests Include: Dr. Julie Holland Dr. Julie Holland is a board-certified psychiatrist in New York City. As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Holland majored in the “Biological Basis of Behavior,” a series of courses combining the study of psychology and neural sciences, with a concentration in psychopharmacology, or drugs and the brain. In 1992, Dr. Holland received her medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine, where she performed research on auditory hallucinations, extensively interviewing nearly one hundred psychotic patients. In 1996, she completed a psychiatric residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she was the creator of a research project treating schizophrenics with a new medication, obtaining an IND from the Food and Drug Administration. In 1994, she received the Outstanding Resident Award from the National Institute of Mental Health. From 1996 to 2005, Dr. Holland ran the psychiatric emergency room of Bellevue Hospital on Saturday and Sunday nights. A liaison to the hospital’s medical emergency room and toxicology department, she is considered an expert on street drugs and intoxication states, and lectures widely on this topic. She published a paper in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, describing a resurgence of the drug phenomenon smoking marijuana soaked in embalming fluid, which may be a carrier for PCP. She is available for forensic consultations involving embalming fluid intoxication. During her college years, Dr. Holland grew interested in a new drug being used as a psychotherapeutic catalyst, and authored an extensive research paper on MDMA (ecstasy), resulting in multiple television appearances, forensic consultations, and a book, Ecstasy: The Complete Guide. James Giordano, PhD. James Giordano, PhD, is Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program of the Edmund D. Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics; is a professor on the faculties of the Division of Integrative Physiology/Department of Biochemistry, Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience, and Graduate Liberal Studies Program at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.; and is a Senior Fellow of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington D.C. area think tank devoted to the analysis and guidance of emerging science and technology. He serves on the Neuroethics, Legal and Social Issues Advisory Panel for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and is a Fellow of the Center for National Preparedness at the University of Pittsburgh, PA. His ongoing research addresses the neuroscience of pain, neuropsychiatric spectrum disorders, the neural bases of moral cognition and action, and the neuroethical issues arising in neuroscientific and neurotechnological research and its applications in medicine, public life, global relations, and national security. In recognition of his ongoing work, he was awarded Germany’s Klaus Reichert Prize in Medicine and Philosophy (with longtime collaborator Dr. Roland Benedikter); was named National Distinguished Lecturer of both Sigma Xi, the national research honor society, and IEEE; and was elected to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor Internationally known, Master Visionary Clairvoyant, Kerrie O’Connor, has the extraordinary ability to “Read” your unique energy field, and like a tuning fork, help you raise your vibrational level so that you can finally attract your heart’s desires. With the help of her Guides and yours, the Angels, Ascended Masters and departed loved ones, Kerrie can tap directly into your soul to allow you to realize and achieve your purpose and passions in life. With loving compassion, Kerrie will work with you to identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances that have kept you limited, and can assist you in letting go of fear and negative thought patterns(both conscious and unconscious) so you can truly live your most joyous and fulfilling life. Psychic Medium Lisa Caza Lisa Caza has been a professional clairvoyant medium for 20 years. She is world renowned for her honest – sometimes even blunt clairvoyant readings, but at the same time her in-depth and accurate services are always full of love, wisdom, and compassion for each of her clients. She has appeared on numerous popular psychic websites such as Mystic Playground, Psychic Link, Psychic Contact, and Global Psychics, and has made numerous appearances on many radio talk shows. (Lisa’s mediumship abilities are quite unique where spirits ultimately seek HER out; and she is left with the detective work of having to figure out who the spirits are reaching out to!).

Living Longer & Happier with Jane Wilkens Michael

Living Longer & Happier with Jane Wilkens Michael Jane Wilkens Michael, the author of Long Live You! Your A Step-By-Step Guide to Looking and Feeling Better than Before,” is a renowned radio host and syndicated columnist, who is a foremost influencer and authority on health, wellness, beauty, fitness and spas. Jane got her start as a journalist and columnist to an extensive list of publications, newspapers, and websites worldwide, including The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune based in Paris, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, AARP The Magazine, and Town & Country, to name a few. She further propelled her career by writing two Amazon Best-Sellers, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of Champions, in which she interviewed star athletes in ten major sports about their diet and nutrition habits, and her most recent, Long, Live You! Your Step-by-Step Plan to Look and Feel Better Than Before. Her monthly Beauty Talk columns in Town & Country Magazine were renowned, ultimately leading to her being approached by the CBS Radio Network to create “The Jane Wilkens Michael Show…Better Than Before,” for their CBS Sky Radio channels. The show now airs on iHeartMedia’s iHeartRadio Talk, a network with 70-million listeners, as well as on numerous other digital networks that include iTunes, Stitcher TuneIn, As with all of Jane’s work, the show takes a fresh and lighthearted, yet informative, approach to all things health, beauty, fitness, wellness and lifestyle. Long Live You! Your Step-by-Step Plan to Look and Feel Better Than Before, has further expanded her position as a celebrated lifestyle influencer and media expert. Her passion and purpose is to help her audience lead longer healthier, happier, more beautiful lives, that are infinitely Better Than Before. Weblink:

Ascended Being Chung Fu – Part IV

  Chung Fu is an ascended being who has been bringing his teachings through to humanity for at least the last 50 years. Chung Fu chose his name from the I Ching, Hexagram 61, meaning Inner Truth. Chung Fu has been speaking through Sally Pullinger for over 40 years. The thread of Inner Truth that runs throughout the teachings of Chung Fu, can also be followed as it runs through the teachings of many ascended beings through many mediums and channels at this time. Inner Truth is just that, truth that comes from ‘within’, from within the Universe of Light that pre-exists the physical universe. Within the teachings of Chung Fu, there is as much wisdom in the ‘dark’ as in the ‘light’. Chung Fu brings us a message of constant hope and positive potential. Within this hope and positivity he entirely embraces the despair and negativity that manifests within the duality of our human consciousness, teaching us how to love each other and ourselves with an ever more compassionate and inclusive embrace. As life unfolds and we work with these principles, we find that everything makes total sense, so long as we surrender to its deep connection inside our souls, so long as we understand that there is an aspect of us, our higher self, that is pure light, and is ever shining upon us from within, showing us where our human selves need to grow. The practices brought forward by Chung Fu are in many senses familiar, and very ancient. We remember them from deep within. And we are encouraged to bring them into a very simple and accessible method, to practice them daily, to bring them right into our very ordinary lives, to breathe them, to become a new kind of person in a world which really needs us all to change from within.

Children Who Remember Their Past Lives

  The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Explores Why Some Children Remember Their Previous Life Incarnations… For the first time ever, we do a Forensic Soul Analysis on Cathy Bryd and her son Christian – both of whom shared a historic past life as mother & son. In addition, we offer tips, insights, and advice to parents who believe their kids may be remembering or are being affected by an earlier life incarnation. Featuring (In Order of Appearance) Tom Shroder / Author of “Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives” Cathy Byrd is the author of the book “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connnor Astrologer Constance Stellas Psychic Empath Lisa Caza Extended Bios Tom Shroder Tom Shroder is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author of . His most recent book, “The Most Famous Writer Who Ever Lived: A True Story of My Family,” an investigation into the life of his grandfather, Pulitzer Prize winning author MacKinlay Kantor. Book critic Susan Cheever said, “In writing a history that is also a meditation on writing, Shroder has created a book that is as useful as it is fascinating.” Shroder is also the author of “Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal,” selected as a Washington Post notable book of 2014. His earlier book, the best-selling “Old Souls,” is a classic study of the intersection between mysticism and science. Shroder is also co-author, with former oil rig captain John Konrad, of “Fire on the Horizon,the Untold Story of the Gulf Oil Disaster.” Sebastian Junger, author of “War” and “The Perfect Storm,” says of Fire on the Horizon, “It’s one of the best disaster books I’ve ever read.. . I tore through it like a novel, but with the queasy knowledge that the whole damn thing is true. A phenomenal feat of journalism.” As editor of The Washington Post Magazine, he conceived and edited two Pulitzer Prize-winning feature stories. His most recent editing project, “Overwhemed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time,” by Brigid Schulte, was a New York Times bestseller. In addition to being an author and editor of narrative journalism, Shroder is one of the foremost editors of humor in the country. He has edited humor columns by Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and Tony Kornheiser, as well as conceived and launched the internationally syndicated comic strip, Cul de Sac, by Richard Thompson. With humorist Barry and novelists Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard, he concocted and edited “Naked Came the Manatee,” a satirical serial novel. Cathy Byrd Cathy Byrd is the author of the book “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” which was released by Hay House on March 21, 2017. The movie rights for this remarkable story have recently been purchased by 20th Century Fox and producer DeVon Franklin who created the movies “Heaven is for Real” and “Miracles from Heaven.” Cathy is a residential real estate broker and mother of two young children who never had aspirations of becoming a writer until her two-year-old son began sharing memories of being a baseball player in the 1920s and ‘30s. What makes this story even more fascinating is that Byrd’s son Christian Haupt has been touted by the international media as being a baseball prodigy since the age of two when he was discovered on YouTube by Adam Sandler for a baseball-playing cameo role in the movie “That’s My Boy.” Shortly after his fourth birthday, Christian became the youngest person to ever throw a ceremonial first pitch at a Major League baseball game and his YouTube baseball videos have now been viewed by more than 15 million people. Christian’s case has been studied by Dr. Jim Tucker from the University of Virginia Medical School department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences. Dr. Tucker has continued the research on children’s past-life memories that was originally started by Dr. Ian Stevenson in 1967. The University of Virginia now has over 2,500 documented cases of children who remember past lives on file.


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