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142:Identical Yet Opposites By BJ Yoho

We have a special guest today! My very best friend in the whole world, Mr. BJ Yoho. BJ is from Bloomfield, Indiana and we have gone to school together since pre-school. He is truly like a brother to me and a part of my family. BJ, like me, has had some trials and tribulations in his life, but has overcome so much. BJ was born with special bifida and has been in a wheelchair for most of his life. Let me tell you, this has not stopped him. He is a celebrity in our community. One of the most amazing things BJ has done is bring joy to the patients at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has turned over the reins to another young lady, but for years, BJ and his mother, Blaine Yoho, collected thousands of toys and personally delivered them to Riley Hospital for the children staying there around Christmas time. Our community even has a BJ Yoho Day!

141:Meet Asta/Suzanne (Sara Tomko)

Join me as we interview Sara Tomko and learn about her characters, Asta, in the series Resident Alien and Suzanne on Sneaky Pete. There is more; she is also a firm believer in taking care of your mental health.  I had the honor of discussing our beliefs on mental health and why everyone should focus on their mindset. Join us for laughs, serious opinions on mental health in general, equality, and what is next for Ms. Tomko and Autism Rocks and Rolls.

Note: The art show with Patti Danner is on June 3rd and not June 4th 

140:Under The Weather

On this episode, I elaborate on why someone with any disability has to fight ten times harder to get over a sickness and I talk about the actual definition of physical and mental health. This episode will mention how we can become creative with the ways in which we handle a simple cold or flu symptom. The reason why we struggle is because we have an overload of neurological sensory issues. People that are on the spectrum will understand that this is something else that is added to our plate.”

139:Meet Gutterfire

Join me as we interview a new and fresh band from Australia named Gutterfire. Their lead singer, Jon, has autism but nevertheless, I can tell you, his autism does not stop him from rocking an audience and having an excellent life. Gutterfire will definitely bring the outsider vibe for anyone who listens to this episode. Listen for fun, lots of laughs, and a conversation with very inspiring people. 

138:Saying A Rhyme

In this episode, we talk about rap music and how autism can connect to this genre of music. If you guess a song correctly that a certain rapper raps, then you should email me at and you will get a $5 gift card of wherever you want to go. Check this out and listen to the stories of rappers and how each resembles autism. Happy rapping! 

137:Slam Dunking With Anthony Ianni

Join me for this episode as we interview Anthony Ianni who has PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). Mr. Anthony has had many challenges to overcome, but it did not stop him from being a basketball player and one of the best and most sought out motivational speakers. Ianni now works for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Let’s dive into his life! 

136:Austin Riley Taking One Lap At A Time

I think everyone in this world needs to relax sometimes and take one lap at a time. That is what race car driver, Austin Riley does. Having autism does not stop him from living his dream as a driver. Austin’s winnings are so many at this point, that he can’t even list them. He and his dad are incredible human beings. Today we talk to Mr. Austin Riley and his dad Jason as we learn how he can quickly process information, while speeding in a race car! Also, we learn about the Austin Riley behind the wheel and learn about his true personality.

135:You Start Monday

On this episode, I discuss and elaborate on the stigma that people on the spectrum cannot get a job or have a career. I also give tips and tricks on how a person on the spectrum should act in the workplace and why this may not come so easy to everyone. In turn, I give advice to employers what to consider and what to think about when hiring someone on the spectrum. Wait though there is more! I also go into detail on why doing hard work and obtaining job skills can teach some one on the spectrum the way of life, in out of the workplace.





OWWW! You need a paper and pencil for this one everyone! If you follow my instructions, you could win a gift card, a t-shirt, or car decals. I really had to do that because today we are talking about funk music and how it relates to autism. There is more to funk then just dancing along with the fun beats. To me, it is a fun way to describe how someone on the autism spectrum works and how they function. This one is a fun episode with singing, getting funky, and of course, talking about autism. 

Note: Instead of publishing every 16 days, I am now doing it every 13 days due to multiple sponsorships.

133:Into The Octagon With The Southpaw And G-Money

Today, meet Serena “Southpaw” DeJesus and Garrett “G-Money” Hoelve, two MMA fighters that do just that, fight in the Octagon by pursuing their dreams, regardless of autism and down-syndrome. G-Money’s dad, Mitch, joins us too. What inspirational people that are moving mountains like me. DeJesus is breaking down barriers for those in the autism world and G-Money doesn’t worry about any labels: he simply wants to be a fighter. This time, join my mom, Gina, and me as we talk about MMA, abilities, and building a world without judgment and stigma.


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