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Ending Workplace Bullying: The Empowered Whistleblower Dawn M. Westmoreland

Dawn M. Westmoreland has joined us before on Mental Health News Radio. She is an advocate and coach for anyone that has experienced workplace bullying. She also works extensively with legal professionals pursuing cases that involve workplace harassment. Her journey from the Air Force to Human Resources expert to Veterans Affairs to “Empowered Whistleblower” is fascinating. In 2015 the Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) compensated her to educate Senators on the need to protect whistleblowers in the Veteran Affairs. She is one of the co-authors of a new, number 1 Amazon Best Seller, “The Strength of My Soul: Stories of Sisterhood, Triumph and Inspiration”.


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Child Sex Offender Internet Investigations: CHEEZO – Sgt. Harris Dialing Danger

Predators use the internet as a gateway to victims because of the anonymity and the ability to lure children with minimal detection and apprehension. This same anonymity is capitalized upon by highly trained Cheezo investigators who portray themselves as teenagers online where adults seek victims for sexual purposes.

Since its inception in 2005, more than 920 arrests have been made in Jefferson County by Cheezo. The Cheezo investigators have a combined 50 years’ experience in crimes against children. Each year more than 150 Internet and cell phone safety presentations are given. The Cheezo team have established themselves as leaders in the tracking predators and are sought for training to other law enforcement agencies nationwide. The ‘Stranger Danger – Internet Strangers’ program has been presented to the Colorado PTA Conference, National Youth Crime Prevention Program, Fox31 News, the Rocky Mountain Deaf Institute, and the Colorado Department of Human Services statewide conference. Cheezo has been featured on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Court TV with Al Roker, and ABC Evening News.

Sgt. Mike Harris joins our host Aaron Huey discussing “Dialing Danger”. Join them for a fascintating and frightening reality we all must be aware of in today’s technology laden world. 


Dads, Divorce, and Depression with Coach Skip Lackey

Is divorce different for dads? Can we still use the excuse that we don’t know how to process feelings and therefore, men’s emotional lives get glossed over? Skip and your host Aaron Huey, owner of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center, discuss the bare bones of recovery after divorce for dads.

Skip has been in the personal growth, leadership and wellness fields for over 30 plus years and has worked directly with over 15,000 clients, taught over 1000 workshops and done over 1000 personal appearances. He was the CEO for Evolution Unlimited – the personal growth seminar company that offered a modality called – The Journey in North and Central America before he took a much needed break from traveling and is thrilled to be back teaching The Journey again in the US and Canada.


Skip has turned his attention to bring conscious skills and emotional intelligence into the workplace with his leadership development company  – a leadership development company that trained and certified 100’s of Leadership Coaches  called – The Praxis Leadership Academy. 

He also has a website where you can learn meditation called And a site for a new small business coaching company called – 5Starbydesign. You can see what he’s been up to at

Skip also spent over 25 years working in the entertainment industry in every way imaginable and performed live for well over 1 million people on Broadway, Movies, TV, Commercials and he was even a game show host for Nickelodeon and a Ringling Brothers Clown. He brings his sense of humor and presence to everything he does!

Digging Up with Clara Reese

How does a teen do at home after treatment? Clara, a graduate of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center talks about life after treatment and what really worked for her as a young woman in recovery.

Clara Reese is a Fire Mountain Programs graduate – she came to the program in spring of 2016, lost and struggling with addiction, depression, and chronic anxiety; and then left five months later with direction, hope, and as the first resident to graduate with a job. Currently, Clara is a student at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, double majoring in Art and Psychology. She also runs a small LLC called Rooted In Alignment that hosts her flourishing reiki practice, and enjoys every opportunity she has to work alongside current or graduate Bear Tribe members as a mentor, and a friend.

Join host Aaron Huey from Beyond Risk and Back!


Hitting Pause on Gaming Addiction with Cam Adair

Join your host Aaron Huey with international expert Cam Adair as they discuss addiction in the gaming world. Cam Adair is a Canadian-born speaker, YouTuber and pioneer on video game addiction. He’s the founder of Game Quitters, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction, with members in over 70 countries.

A talented hockey player, Cam’s life took a dramatic turn at the age of 13 when he began to suffer from intense bullying, leading Cam to drop out of high school. He never graduated and never went to college, spending the next year depressed, living in his parents basement playing video games up to 16 hours a day, until the age of 19 when he made a commitment to change.

To learn more about Cam visit his website at

To learn more about Aaron visit

Eating Me From The Inside with Carmen Cool

Join host Aaron Huey and guest Carmen Cool as they discuss body image and eating disorders.

Carmen is a psychotherapist, educator, speaker, and a cupcake connoisseur.  In addition to being a therapist for 17 years, she has started and run a nonprofit, created youth programs, and speaks internationally on Health At Every Size ®, feminism and eating disorders, and weight stigma.

Her work is focused on dismantling diet culture, healing our relationship to food and body, and supporting the next generation of body positive leaders.  She is the past President of the Association for Size Diversity and Health, was named “Most Inspiring Individual” in Boulder, Colorado and was the recipient of the Excellence in Eating Disorder Advocacy Award in Washington, DC.


Caretakers Burden: Ground Zero and Rock Bottom

Stephen Kavalkavich is a man who has been given the gift of many experiences in life. For most of his adult life, he was a 911 Paramedic. He also had the honor of serving as a rescue worker at the World Trade Center on 9-11-01 in NYC. He’s seen tragedy and suffering first hand for many years. Little was he aware that he was the one who needed the saving. Through seeking peace within by using all things external, he wound up desperate, broken and destroyed in every way. He is now grateful to be a man in long term recovery from substance abuse and destitution. His goal is simple, to use my experience to connect and give you a voice.

His expertise is in Emergency Medical Care, First Responder PTSD and Addiction/Substance abuse issues, Recovery Coaching, Intervention, Leadership, and Spiritual Studies. Join he and host Aaron Huey as they discuss how life as a caretaker can turn deadly if the last person you are taking care of is yourself.





Childrens Lives Are On The Line with Aaron Huey: Beyond Risk and Back

Aaron Huey has been working with children, teens and parents for over 18 years. After ten years directing camps and empowerment programs around the world, Aaron opened Fire Mountain because he wanted to work with kids and families on a deeper level. Over the first few years of running programs like Teen Rites of Passage The Warrior Phoenix Challenge, and numerous cries for help from parents, Aaron realized the need to turn his efforts towards teens struggling with drugs, alcohol and the behaviors and issues related to addiction. An addict in recovery since 2000, he felt a calling to put together an expert team and open Fire Mountain. His mission is to awaken confidence and leadership. “It‘s not about being better, it‘s about giving up the struggle to be different from who you are.”

Aaron’s formal educational background is in acting. He graduated from the top acting school in the US, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1990. His skills in comedy and drama make him an  influential speaker and presenter, and a favorite among the kids. His confidence, compassion and humor set the tone for deep healing, and fun.

Aaron is also trained as an EMT, a Wilderness Survival Instructor and Martial Arts teacher, all of which he weaves into the Fire Mountain RTC curriculum.

From Rock Bottom to Butterflies: Aaron Huey and Author Johnnie Calloway

Your host Aaron Huey and author Johnnie Calloway get real about addiction, recovery, sexual abuse, hitting rock bottom and making that life altering choice for personal transformation. Two strong men with powerful voices holding absolutely nothing back on this dynamic first podcast episode of Beyond Risk and Back.

Johnnie Calloway grew up in a small town in Kentucky, with the population at around 11,000. His mother passed when he was only five, leaving him to grow up with an angry, alcoholic, sexually confused father.

Johnnie was born into a reputation that he never wanted but was obligated to live up to. Still, Johnnie always wanted to be the “good guy.” The conflict between his personal desire and his sense of obligation to his dad’s/family’s reputation created a great torment that was oddly accompanied with an insatiable yearning to learn.

Eventually, Johnnie became a seeker of truth. And has now devoted himself to sharing what his seeking has taught him with others. He has written two books, “Taming the Dragon” and Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man, and is currently working on, “Within the Chrysalis, It’s an Inside Job”.


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