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Answering Your Qs About Genetic Testing, Family Issues, Self-Medicating & More

Dr. H answers questions about a variety of issues in this week’s episode. A listener named Tracy inquires about genetic testing for ADHD medication, another asks about his “hyper response to stress,” and Cooper called with a question about self-medicating with cannabis. Listen to Ned’s thoughts on these questions and others that we received from our listeners in the Distraction community. 

This episode was originally released in October 2018.

Change Is The Only Constant

A few conversations with friends had Dr. Hallowell thinking about how the world has changed in his lifetime, and whether or not it’s for the better. Do we still have standards in society? Are millennials lazy? Is social media to blame for all of our problems? 

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus put it so many years ago, “the only thing that is constant is change.”

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This episode was originally released in May 2018.

Helping Athletic Coaches Understand ADHD Kids

Own Beat Athlete is an organization that aims to help soccer, baseball, football and other coaches better understand neurodivergent kids, like those with ADHD. As a former coach and mother to a son with ADHD and dyslexia, Susan Stout saw that many coaches of young athletes didn’t understand ADHD, resulting in seasons filled with frustration and anxiety for both the coaches and the young athletes. Susan decided to create Own Beat Athlete to reduce the struggle between coaches and players, as she tells Ned in this episode. 

Own Beat Athlete

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This episode was originally released in April 2019.

How a child can change a community, without ever talking.

During his abbreviated 22-year life, Graham Gardner was unable to speak or to walk on his own. Yet he forged meaningful relationships wherever he went. His cerebral palsy forced him to rely on other people — sometimes complete strangers — for absolutely everything. Yet he accepted his reality, lived in the present moment, reveled in relationships, and exuded radiance around him. Graham personified joy and he lived love. 


My interview with his father, Dr. Steven Gardner.


This powerful episode will move you and have you question the idea of “Quality of Life”.


Graham’s father, Dr. Steven Gardner, is an internist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and past Medical Director of the Massachusetts Special Olympics. He is a past winner of the Harvard Medical School Humanism in Medicine Award. Steven is a prominent photographer whose images focus on the resilience of people facing adversity and the compassion of caregivers. His work has been exhibited in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard, where he is a volunteer physician at Camp Jabberwocky, the location and inspiration for many of the stories in his book, Jabberwocky: Lessons of Love from a Boy Who Never Spoke (Made for Success Publishing, April 27, 2021). Learn more at

Q&A: Why Do I Feel Shame When Talking About My ADHD?

Pamela was recently diagnosed with combined-type ADHD at the age of 43. She’s thrilled to finally have a name for what she’s experienced all of her life, but reaches out to ask why she feels shame and guilt when talking about her diagnosis with friends and family.

Ned offers advice to help Pamela move past her feelings and embrace the positive qualities she possesses. Which includes being an excellent cake baker! 

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Distraction is created by Sounds Great Media. This episode was originally released in March 2021. 

How to Overcome Anxiety

Stress, anxiety and depression can affect everyone in our society, from the youngest to the oldest. Our guest today offers ways to break free from these feelings and move past them in her book, Goodbye Anxiety Hello Freedom. Author Stephanie Dalfonzo shares many different techniques with our listeners for overcoming anxiety and building resilience. As Stephanie says, some of the tools are deceptively easy– but don’t let their simplicity fool you. It’s these simple shifts that create lasting changes!

Download 5 tips from Stephanie’s book: 5 Easy Ways to Calm Anxiety

Stephanie Dalfonzo’s Website: 

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This episode was originally released March 2019.

047: The Golden Key with Brandon Beachum

There are keys to living a purposeful and happy life. Brandon Beachum’s new book, “The Golden Key,” is described as modern alchemy to living a full and abundant life. Brandon has lived a very successful life and attributes much of his success to understanding the keys he describes in his book.     We attract into our lives what we are “putting out.” Many refer to this as the “Law of Attraction.” In other words, our thoughts have a vibrational component and we attract into our life things that are in alignment with our vibration. We can learn and understand more deeply how to live a fulfilling and satisfying life, but often we need help with managing our vibrational output. Brandon and Robin talk about the role that Faith and Trust play in bringing joy into our life.     The Golden Key will enlighten you in ways that you may have not considered that will assist you on your path to really shine in the life you have chosen.         Learn more about Awaken Radio at

3 Ways to Feel Less Busy

Is life feeling a little too hectic these days? Then it’s time to un-busy yourself. Dr. Hallowell outlines three easy ways to feel less busy and regain control of your day, in this mini that was inspired by an article from  

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler

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This episode was originally released in January 2018. 


The 11th Hour with Dr. Naomi Wolf

Dr. Naomi Wolf appears on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth to discuss the worldwide resistance against vaccine passports and tyranny. Wolf also shares her thoughts on the dystopian future that awaits humanity if we do not stand together united right now for the cause of freedom. A Rhodes Scholar and former advisor to Clinton and Gore campaigns, and author of eight NYT nonfiction bestsellers, Dr. Naomi Wolf has been creating globally valuable news and opinion content for digital media and for publishers for 28 years. Naomi Wolf completed a D.Phil. in English Literature from the University of Oxford in 2015 and taught Victorian Studies as a Visiting Professor at SUNY Stony Brook. She was a research fellow at the Barnard Center for Research on Women and at the Rothermere American Institute at the University of Oxford. She taught English Literature at George Washington University as a visiting lecturer. She’s lectured widely on the themes in Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalization of Love at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, at Balliol College, Oxford, and to the undergraduates in the English Faculty at the University of Oxford. About Daily Clout Our mission is to empower all people with information, facts and opinion from all viewpoints, that when combined with DailyClout’s proprietary platform, enables them to be well informed and to exercise their rights to directly weigh-in on issues and legislation so that their voices are heard at the local, state or federal level. Website:


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