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When Your Scars are Beautiful

Vulnerability is an important thing for your mental health, so today we talk about how and when your scars are beautiful as well as opening up about vulnerabilities. Julie Kramer, a public speaker and cancer survivor, joins me today to talk about the importance of opening up and sharing your vulnerability.

Women Supporting Women

Today we look into women supporting women, and how we can build a supportive tribe to help improve our mental health. I’m joined by Erin Strayer of the Erin Strayer show where you can join her Female and Influencers Group on Facebook or contact her at

The Law of the Garbage Truck

In this video, we discuss the law of the garbage truck | how to deal with anger. The law of the garbage truck shows us how anger and frustration can spread throughout our day, and this video shows you several ways to deal with anger and respond better to those frustrated with you.

Give Me a Break

If you’re anything like me, you may find it difficult to take breaks in your daily life, so in today’s video we will go over why relaxing is good for you. It’s about giving yourself permission to recharge, relax, take a break and refill your cup as a human.


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