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In conversation with Kristin Casey

Today, an author, intimacy coach and surrogate partner, Kristin Casey has come a long way from her days as a stripper at Sugar’s in Austin, Texas. Her book Rock Monster chronicles her whirlwind life with Eagle’s guitarist Joe Walsh. In today’s episode, Kristin shares her journey with Joe and more importantly, the hard lessons learnt. ‘Life is not about where you end up but rather the journey on how you got there’. Listen in today on Join the Nation Recovery Radio.

In Conversation with John Mabry from Addiction’s Campus

On todays show, John Mabry and your host Stewart Michaelson discuss hope, strength, courage and the lessons learnt along the journey.

John’s life has been filled with both triumphs and tribulations. John and I talk about his varsity days at Baylor, the automobile accident that changed his life and how opiates entered his life.

We talk about hanging with Adam Sandler at the Playboy mansion and how his life came full circle as we discuss his living conditions in a trailer park because of his disease. Finally, John and I talk about the REAL issue that led him to a life of pills, booze and street drugs….you may be surprised!

From Dope to Hope- A Conversation with Tim Ryan

When I grew up, I never wanted to be an alcoholic or heroin addict, my goal was to be a professional barefoot water-skier. Today, I am a humble servant of GOD. I take people from Dope to Hope! Tim Ryan and I, Stewart Michaelson discuss his addiction, his recovery and the journey he follows everyday trying to help those still suffering. Raise your hand and ASKME4MYHELP!

Call to Action: A Conversation with Marisa Vitali

We all have a story to tell, so tell it! This is what Marisa Vitali heard in an acting class she was taking from her professor. The next day, she began to write and write and write. In the end, Grace the Movie was born. More importantly, Marisa realized she wanted to begin a conversation about Recovery.

Today on Join the Nation Recovery Radio, Marisa Vitali and your host Stewart Michaelson talk about her addiction, her recovery, Grace the Movie and the conversation she has began with millions of people about RECOVERY.

From ASKING to OFFERING with Cody Bowen

On June 15th, 2018 tragedy struck Cody Bowen. Left in a desperate situation, he REACHED out for help. Today, the lessons he learnt that June 15th, he offers to anyone; especially his hometown of Washington Court House.
On episode 5 of Join the Nation Recovery Radio, listen in as Cody and your host Stewart Michaelson discuss his addiction, his recovery and his newfound spiritual guidance he offers to his community.

Brad McLeod talks felony and his following.

On Episode 4 of Join the Nation Recovery Radio, our host Stewart Michaelson and his guest Brad McLeod talk about his youth as a petty felon in North Carolina. Brad talks about how he made a split decision to leave the State and move in with his grandparents in Canada to help him change his people, place and things; a common thread in striving for recovery. Brad was addicted to opiates and knew he needed to take charge of his life before it spiralled out of control.

We talk about his time working in the treatment space but lacking fulfilment because of the stifling bureaucratic system.

Finally, we get into his entrepreneurial spirit and how he called his future wife one Sunday from work and confessed ‘I need to quit my job’.

Today, he’s married, he’s a father, he’s working his ass off to pay the mortgage. More, importantly, Brad McLeod is happy and sober.

RAISING THE BAR with Tricia Benitez

In episode 3 of Join the Nation Recovery, Tricia Benitez and your host, Stewart Michaelson, discuss her childhood, the trauma it caused her and how she’s available 24/7 for anyone in need of support. A drug and addiction treatment specialist with Addiction Campuses, Tricia recounts stories about her Dad and their family dynamic, her descent into drugs, booze and sex: all the while doing it because this is “what good girls do.” Finally, we talk about her love for her sister, the death of her brother, her work and how she wants to be of service to anyone suffering today. Please join us as we learn about this warrior from Nashville, TN.


Chris Dickie Discusses Hope 365

Today on Episode two of Join the Nation Recovery, we have Christopher Dickie.  Chris hails from the great State of Arkansas, home to his recovery project HOPE 365.  As well, Chris talks to us about his latest project for the City of Little Rock, The Natural State Recovery, for anyone is looking to start their jouney into Recovery.  Fianlly, Chris talks to us about his journey from drugs and alcohol to his present day as a member of the Wolfe Street Board and all the positives he’s learnt from his journey.  This is a REAL feel good episode.

Join the Nation Recovery with Stewart Michaelson

Stewart Michaelson is your host for Join the Nation Recovery.  In this short episode, your host Stewart Michaelson introduces you to his upbeat intro, gives you a little info about himself and hopes you will JOIN him along his journey and those of his weekly guests. People just starting out on their recovery journey, people in long time recovery, advocates, coaches, and more. Let’s get started on Joining the Nation towards a healthy mindset and sober living.




Chris Beaudry: How recovery has made this MAN!

Today, on this Canada Day, we have the priviledge of speaking with Chris Beaudry, Assistant Coach of the Humboldt Broncos from Saskatchewan, Canada.  Chris talks about that fateful night in April of this year, when his Humboldt Broncos were enroute to a playoff game against the Nipawin Hawks and their team bus was involved in a fatal accident taking the lives of half the team, it’s head coach, the team’s athletic therapist and team broadcaster.  Chris will also discuss his 4 years of sobriety from alcohol abuse and how his recovery has given him, his community and his nation Canada hope, strength and courage during these very difficult times.  Join the Nation Recovery as we chat with CHRIS BEAUDRY.



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