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EP 397 In a Nation of Grocery Chains, Why Do We Have So Many ‘Food Deserts’?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports there are 3,000 food deserts throughout the United States.  Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  While our guest gives a clearer definition of this designation, it basically means where people do not have access to a large format supermarket with healthy and nutritious food choices within walking distance. Most … Continue reading EP 397 In a Nation of Grocery Chains, Why Do We Have So Many ‘Food Deserts’?


In this episode Brian and Sam discuss how we look at the concept of “redemption”. What does it mean? How can we use the idea of it to gives thanks and bless our lives?

Sanjeev Javia — Is CBD Right for You?

Sanjeev Javia, a.k.a. Jeevers, is an expert on all things CBD. He has almost two decades of experience formulating CBD compounds, and he assists elite athletes (including Olympiads) in achieving the highest performance possible. His products are organic and third party lab verified for pureness. Jeevers is a frequent speaker on radio and television, as well as conferences. Find out more about Jeevers and CBD at You can get a 15% off discount if you use the word “zestful” at check out.

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EP 396 Why Don’t We Talk About Nuclear Weapons Anymore?

In his compelling new book, ‘The Apocalypse Factory’, Steve Olson lays out the road to the Manhattan Project as it wends its way through Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and to some degree forgotten, Hanford, Washington.  He crafts a story of the scientists involved and the discovery of plutonium, which was a true game changer as … Continue reading EP 396 Why Don’t We Talk About Nuclear Weapons Anymore?

Removing the Mental Health Stigma within the Gaming Community

Listen in to a great show as Kristin speaks with Aaron Wanserski about helping remove mental health stigma within the gaming community.  

Aaron Wanserski, the Video Game Outreach Director for The Center for Suicide Awareness, spent 12 years as a police officer before branching out into helping people in a new way.  As a self-proclaimed nerd, he realized that mental health is rarely talked about and set out to change that.  With their new podcast here on MHNR Network, The Center for Suicide Awareness, he hopes to help shatter the stigma.  The slogan for their podcast is “Everyone has a story.”  This is to help people understand that their stories are just as worth sharing.  

Be kind, you are loved, you are important, and remember, you are not alone.

139 – Patricia Young – Unapologetically Sensitive, the Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

“I wish somebody would have told that to me: it’s okay to struggle. We’re supposed to struggle; we’re humans. We’re complicated; we’re messy.” ~Patricia Young

One of my greatest joys in life is connecting with a fellow outcast and truth-teller. All the better if said person comes equipped with a nickname like Mad Lady-Balls. Patricia Young, LCSW, the person behind the stern, brass-plated moniker is everything you’d expect her to be: hilarious, whip-smart, and dishy. She’s also unapologetically sensitive, a trait she’s built into both a successful career and a popular podcast.

Highly sensitive. If you’ve ever had that phrase leveled against you, then you know the sting of those words. You’re also acquainted with the shame-spiral that accompanies all that over-thinking and over-feeling. But it’s precisely these traits, the intensity and the emotionality, that Patricia says any highly sensitive person (or HSP) should reclaim and celebrate. Her podcast, Unapologetically Sensitive, gives HSPs the space to come as they are.

I could talk to Patricia for hours; she extends the same authenticity on display in her podcast to this show. She does the same in her therapy and coaching practice. “It doesn’t matter if we’re therapists or not. We’re still human beings that have human struggles on a daily basis. And I really want to pull the curtain back on that because we’re just humans.”


Patricia Young is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Coach. She knows what it’s like to feel like an outcast, misfit, and truth teller. Learning about the trait of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), helped Patricia rewrite her history with a deeper understanding, appreciation, and a sense of self-compassion. She created the podcast Unapologetically Sensitive to help other HSPs know that they aren’t alone and that being an HSP has amazing gifts and some challenges. Patricia works online globally working individually with people, and she teaches Online Courses for HSPs that focus on understanding what it means to be an HSP, self-care, self-compassion, boundaries, perfectionism, mindfulness, communication and creating a lifestyle that honors us.

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ST Podcast Ep. 59: The End of Supernatural

ST Podcast Ep. 59: The End of Supernatural

After 15 seasons and 327 episodes, Supernatural is coming to an end. Over the years the fan base has grown into the millions and have a become a family, the SPNFamily. Join Dr. Janina Scarlet and host Dustin McGinnis for their first live podcast recorded from The Outpost Con 2020. On this episode they discuss this wonderful show and how to cope with the end.


The post Superhero Therapy Podcast Ep. 59: How to Cope with the Ending of Supernatural first appeared on Superhero Therapy.

EP 395 Does the Federal Government Really Need to Tax to Spend?

Many pundits are fixated on the budget mess in Washington, D.C. and how we are burdening future generations with debt and deficits and that, by virtue of this spending, we are crowding out borrowing that will needed for investments in the private market.  Stephanie Kelton, former chief economist on the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, dares … Continue reading EP 395 Does the Federal Government Really Need to Tax to Spend?

Marina Cantacuzino — “The F-Word”; How Forgiveness Helps Us Heal

Marina Cantacuzino is the founder of “The Forgiveness Project” a UK-based charity that uses real stories of victims and perpetrators of crime and violence to help people explore ideas around forgiveness and alternatives to revenge. With no political or religious affiliations, “The Forgiveness Project’s” independent and inclusive approach ensures its core message is that everyone has the potential to change their perspective and break the cycle of vengeance. Learn more at

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Domino Effect of Murder – Kenya Tyson

What are some essentials for a family to know when they enter the court to get justice for the murder of their loved one? What is the role of a victim advocate? Are the terms “plea bargain” and “nolo contendere” familiar? Why do so many DA’s opt for a plea bargain? What is the role of the homicide survivor in court? Listen as Kendra Tyson, a criminal attorney, clears up these and other questions.


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