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Welcoming Autism Rocks and Rolls

Listen in as Kristin Sunanta Walker from Mental Health News Radio podcast speaks with Sam Mitchell and his mother Gina from our newly added podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls!

Sam Mitchell, a teenager living with autism, brings you Autism Rocks and Rolls. Although Sam has had obstacles in the past and still has daily struggles, he is using this platform to take away the stigma off of autism and other conditions that many think are disabilities. He often brings guests into the conversation, whether it be family members, friends, celebrities, or others involved in the world of autism. He wants to prove that he is not broken and does not need to be fixed. Sam has a lot of fun along the way and really loves to entertain his audience. Listen to this podcast and go into the mind of Sam.

The undeniable link between alcohol and Mental Health

Gillian May and Rich Jones had an enlightening conversation about substance use disorder and its correlation to mental health. Gillian pulls the curtain back on the lack of mental health services and the need to address the root cause of alcohol use disorder in order for people to get better. She speaks from a medical background, but most importantly, Gillian has her own personal story which brings great passion to her work. Check her out
Bio Below:
I am a freelance writer with expertise in mental health, mind/body health, trauma-informed care, alternative mental health care, and advocacy. I have 18 years of nursing experience in the public health and mental health field. I have a Masters degree with extensive teaching and writing experience. I’m a top writer in Medium and have clients in the health and wellness fields. I’m available for writing and editing projects.

Online Behavior. WHY we can't stop. What parents Can do.

WHY IS TECH SO ADDICTIVE? Did they do this on purpose? Do they know what’s happening to our children? Do they care?


Who are  “They”?


Catherine Knibbs is an Interpersonal Neurobiological practitioner using theoretical integration of Neuroscience and Attachment and synthesizing this with Transactional Analysis and Functional Medicine approaches with Technology. She is one of a kind in this field!

Online Harms & Cybertrauma Advisor, Consultant, Author, and Gaming/TechTherapist. Clinical & Ph.D. Researcher. Epigenetic Child/Adult Psychotherapist. Podcaster, Vlogger, Blogger. Polymath.


The Polyvagal Motorway of wellness with brain and body visuals:


Expert in helping you understand human behaviors in a world of technology. Using technology to help you understand yourself.

Go From Stressed Worrier to Stress Warrior

In this episode, Chris Palmer, MD, provides tips on stress management, ways to reshape our stress reactions, explains the impact of stress and anxiety on our lives, and answers related questions from the McLean community.

Dr. Palmer is the director of the Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education at McLean Hospital and specializes in treatment-resistant mental illness and the use of the ketogenic diet in psychiatry.


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The McLean Hospital podcast Mindful Things is intended to educate about, encourage compassion around, and reduce the stigma related to mental health and wellness. This podcast is not an attempt to practice medicine or to provide specific medical advice.

© 2021 McLean Hospital. All Rights Reserved.

That Infernal Noise Ep. 7 – My Ladder of Aggression

Join me on my journey through my psyche and listen to me try and navigate it.

In this episode I talk about my most recent freak out and discussing it with my therapist and coming to the realization that my brain has become incredibly efficient as jumping to anger.

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Any thoughts or feedback on it would be very much appreciated!


Your Legacy of Care: How to Provide for Your Special Needs Child Today, Tomorrow, and Always

Listen in as we hear from our guest, Donald Bailey.  Donald hosts the podcast Your Legacy of Care on Mental Health News Radio Network, which is about providing for your special needs child today, tomorrow, and forever.   Donald’s son is on the autism spectrum and is here to share with us his wisdom in this arena.

You can find Donald’s podcast, Your Legacy of Care, on Mental Health News Radio Network here:

A lifelong South Carolinian, Donald began his career in the insurance industry with a focus on financial planning. After working as a financial planner for E. F. Hutton, he founded Donald Bailey & Associates in order to offer independent advice and holistic planning to his clients. Donald is committed to community involvement, having served on the Board of Trustees at the University of South Carolina (USC) and most recently founding The College Transition Connection, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to help South Carolina colleges create post-secondary programs for young adults who may have an intellectual disability. Donald holds a degree in Marketing from USC. He and his wife Caroline have two children and three grandchildren and reside in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Change a Habit, Change your Life

I had the opportunity this week to speak with the creator and host of the Consequence of Habit podcast, JT Frank. JT is open about his story of alcohol misuse which led him to look at the consequences and decide to make a life change. We discussed his early struggles with ADHD and how alcohol seemed to calm his racing mind. At youlearnyouturn podcast, we love hearing stories of lives turned around that result in service through transparency and honesty, which actively helps our mission of crushing the stigma surrounding substance misuse and mental health.
Thank you, JT for spreading hope and practical ways of living through your podcast and guests that have taken a consequence of a habit and used it as fuel for change.

Episode 26: Nigeria McHellon, LCSW

In this episode, I connect with Nigeria McHellon, LCSW. Nigeria is the Founder of New Perspectives Therapeutic Services. In this episode, she discusses supporting and connecting with clients while identifying with their painful experiences as BIPOC-identifying individuals.  

Nigeria McHellon, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Therapist who has spent over a decade providing services to those in need. She is the Founder of New Perspectives Therapeutic Services in Jacksonville, Florida. Read more about Nigeria’s amazing work and philosophy at


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