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Bringing Goodness in Light of Grief: Lessons from Cole

Melanie Coppola, president of the Live Like Cole Foundation, joins me to look at bringing goodness in light of grief. Melanie’s family created the Live Like Cole Foundation after Nicholas “Cole” lost his life to a drunk driver in Vero Beach, Florida.
Melanie, Cole’s sister, shares her grief journey and how the memory of her brother is strengthened through the decision to create an organization focused on passions that represent what her brother stood for: kindness, community and giving back.
Grief is life long and impacts every person differently. We take a different approach in this week’s episode connecting passion to make a difference in our own community with carrying on the memory of a loved one. It’s an inspiring episode that will encourage and inspire many during this Holiday Season.
To donate & learn more about Live Like Cole hop on and be sure to follow them on their FB Page, Instagram & Twitter: LiveLikeCole925

From Rehab to Reintegration : Wes Hurt with CLEAN Cause

Hi, I’m Wes.

I’m a person in recovery and the founder of CLEAN Cause.

I founded CLEAN with a mission — to create a sustainable source of funding to help individuals recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

My story isn’t that different from most addicts and alcoholics. I began drinking and smoking pot in my teens. After high school, I was drinking daily and my, once experimental, drug use became full dependency.

In my late 20s, despite my addictions, I managed to build a successful business – cupcakes of all things.

Extreme negative consequences weren’t enough to curb or stop my using. Stints in rehabs and a psych ward, the deterioration of my marriage and loss of trust from everyone I loved, getting fired as CEO of my own company, multiple DUIs and arrests, physical injuries and finally, living in an office of a beat up warehouse – still weren’t enough.

The turning point came one night in that warehouse, lying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. My heart did something I had never felt before, an eerie fluttering for some time. For the first time, I believed that addiction would take my life.

The next day, I called my wife to tell her I didn’t think I was going to live much longer. Up until then she had taken the tough-love position and had refused to watch me die. But that day she extended yet another lifeline telling me to come home “right now” if I really wanted to get help. I accepted her offer.

They say it’s darkest before the dawn. Cliché, but true. Through God’s grace, relationships have been restored, I’m a father of two beautiful sons (Jude and Otis) and I’ve found purpose in CLEAN Cause.

Call-to-Action: Helping folks recover from addiction is a Cause we as a culture can unite behind. Join us – as it’s going to take a village to kick this beast’s ass.

Listening to Your Dreams with Amy Newmark

Join Amy Newmark, the CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, discuss their book on dreams!

Your dreams are powerful tools for redirecting your life, changing your relationships, and making you a happier person. Learn how to use your dreams, premonitions, and intuition for personal transformation. You’re too busy during the day to pay attention to that quiet voice inside you that knows you so well. But at night your dreams are a window into what your subconscious is trying to tell you. This enlightening new collection is filled with true, personal stories from ordinary people whose dreams, premonitions, and intuition tapped into the extraordinary wisdom they already had within them. These 101 tales of inner guidance, divine intervention & miraculous insight will show you how to: Use your dreams as your GPS for navigating life Find love & companionship–from soul mates to rescue dogs Face your fears and overcome them with new confidence Accept divine guidance from that little voice in your head Act on your premonitions and avoid dangerous situations Improve your relationships with the living and the deceased Find comfort and closure through messages from heaven.

Lloyd Sederer, M.D.: A Leader In Public Health Discusses The Future Of Addiction Treatment

Lloyd Sederer, M.D., is currently an adjunct professor at the Columbia University School of Public Health. He has won many top awards in the field of psychiatry, and he has served as a leader in the field of public health in New York for the past two decades. In the 90s, Dr. Sederer was the chief psychiatrist at McLean hospital, the psychiatric teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School. He has published thirteen books, and he has published hundreds of articles in top medical journals and newspapers.

What is the future of the treatment of addiction? According to Dr. Lloyd Sederer, the path to saving more lives from addiction going forward will involve providing better access to the tools that we already have. We already have harm reduction strategies, including the opioid overdose rescue drug, naloxone. And, we have effective medication-assisted treatments for opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder.

Our understanding of the functioning of the brain is more advanced than ever before in history. A wide variety of therapies can be applied to target various regions of the brain that are affected by addiction. In addition to existing medications and therapies, there are also new medical treatments on the horizon, including the drug, psilocybin.

With psilocybin, an existing, ancient form of medical therapy is being brought up to date with current medical science. Safe, synthetic forms of the drug have been studied in major research centers with promising results.

Just as important as therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and contingency management, and medications, such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, are the forming of relationships to promote abstinence and recovery.

Dr. Sederer believes that, to be successful in helping people to recover from active addiction, we must meet them where they are and understand why they are using drugs or alcohol. Drugs serve a purpose for people who use them and it is important to start from there and work towards helping them find healthy replacements for drugs when they are ready.

In our talk, Dr. Sederer and I discuss two of his recent books. We talk about “Ink-Stained for Life” and “The Addiction Solution.” Both books are fascinating and I highly recommend them to my audience.

“Ink-Stained for Life” is a collection of fourteen stories and essays relating Dr. Sederer’s early life as a child in The Bronx to his adult life and the present, in 2020. The book demonstrates the improbable nature of the path from living as a child, on the streets of New York City, to being a leader in public health in the State of New York.

The book shares Dr. Sederer’s philosophies on life with discussions about topics such as intelligence and genius, wealth and struggling in the middle class, Judaism and being Jewish without living as an observant Jew, living in New York City, being the leader of a world-class psychiatric hospital, working in the world of public health in New York City and New York State, addiction treatment and much more.

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Five Little Big Ways to Get Our Holiday Goodness Going

Having a game plan before heading into the Holiday Season can allow us to remove unnecessary stress and angst as well as giving ourselves permission to enjoy the weeks ahead.
We look at five ways to embrace a richer experience through tapping into gratitude, kindness, embracing the things that evoke joy and enjoying the beauty of relationships and experiences vs the overwhelming pull of materials.
This is a great way to get your Holiday Goodness rolling!

Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays? Check out Conversations for Good: Listening and Learning from our Neighbors Around the World on Amazon.

Hazelden Betty Ford Virtual Family and Children's Programs : Carrie Bates

Carrie Bates is the Outreach Manager in Oregon for Hazelden Betty Ford. Her career in the treatment field began in 2013, after her own personal battle with addiction. Prior to that, she spent the better part of her sales and marketing career at Nike, Inc. after her own successful athletic career as a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Carrie got sober in 2012 and has dedicated her life’s work to helping others find treatment and recovery. Carrie brings with her a deep passion for recovery, and a strong belief that treatment saves lives. Carrie has held multiple positions within the treatment field including working directly with employers, patients and their families to navigate the process of finding the treatment they need for sustainable recovery. Carrie lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two daughters. She is an active member of the Twelve Step Community, and enjoys spending time with her family, running and competing in triathlons.

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An Ally for Life Part 2

Founder and Ceo of I Ally shares more about the genesis of her company and the importance of community and wellbeing for caregivers.
Lucinda Koza is the Founder + CEO of I Ally, an app created for and by family caregivers. She is a member of the current TechCrunch Include Cohort, SheWorx + AWS Startups Mentorship Program 2020, All Raise Org’s Visionary Voices Speakers Bureau, and the Lyfebulb Patient Entrepreneur Circle. She just received Honorable Mention in the Lyfebulb + Orexo Innovation Challenge and received Honorable Mention for Intermitten’s 2020 Changemaker Award. Her writing has been published in Thought Catalog and Medium Women. Passionate about storytelling and giving voice to the voiceless, Lucinda also premiered a short film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.


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