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The Lethal Side of the Sex Industry: Meet Survivor Sariah Hastings

Women and girls tugged into the sex industry are the most frequently and easily killed people anywhere on the face of the earth. Why do they remain unseen by us even though we pass them daily? What people and companies profit from them? How do they become involved in this netherworld in the first place? What prevents their leaving? Why is grief absent for fellow sex workers who die in “the life”? Meet Sariah Hastings who survived 20 years in the sex industry, being sold dozens of times across 33 states, and had many brushes with death. She managed to rise above her circumstances, is now paying it forward, and offers some tips for health care providers and parents.

Wrongful Murder Convictions: Jeff Deskovic Part One

We’re taught the justice system gets it right and only the guilty are convicted – especially when a confession is given. But a closer inspection reveals the fallacy in this. Meet Jeff Deskovic who served 16 years for a murder he never committed and the tactics behind pinning the crime on him. Also learn about some parallels between convicting the innocent and surviving a homicide.

The UNNI Podcast – w/ Kristel J. Nazareno

Episode 57 w/ Pro Hairstylist & Influencer @kristel.jnaz RELEASES TUES 6/22/21 @5pm PST ? Host, Bianca McCall talks racial tensions, Asian Hate Crimes, and the call for self-preservation, in the aftermath of global pandemic. Don’t miss what the hottest Stylist on the West Coast has to say

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PTSD from Violent Death Isn't Just for Civilians: Meet Master Sergeant Jayson Miller

Acquiring PTSD from serving in a combat zone surprises no one. Master Sergeant Jayson Miller has seen more than his share of violent death and now carries the disruptive aftershocks within him. Please join us to discover how the domino effect of murder impacts our men and women in uniform, as we delve deeper into PTSD- and the inherent challenge this brings when reentering civilian life.

The UNNI Podcast – w/ Bel-Air

Ep. 55 w. @belairofficial ? Verified | Pop Star | Influencer | Cancer Survivor shares his story- coming from having nothing.. Inspired by the memories of his mother and brother, surviving his own battle with cancer, and stepping up into the role of a parent to his nephew @belairofficial has built a following of millions, and is considered the biggest pop star of his generation.

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Megan Targett of Vexed

Megan is the lead singer of the band Vexed, and a mental health advocate.  Their debut album “Culling Culture” is coming out May 21st, 2021! 
Culling Culture
Text HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional support
Twitter: @Cntr4Suicide 
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Filicide: Charlene Flynn Recalls the Murder of her Brother at the Hands of her Mother

When Charlene Flynn was only 4 she tried to awaken her 12-year-old brother, Patrick. Much to her shock, she discovered he was deceased. Her mother was later convicted. Charlene’s life went into a tailspin. She was placed in different foster care homes, group homes, and psychiatric hospitals prior to living with relatives. But Charlene was determined to overcome her past and live up to her potential. Listen as this remarkable young woman (now a mother herself) explains how she did just that.


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