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#40 Rabbi Mike Moskowitz

Rabbi Mike Moskowitz
Advocacy For LGBT Inclusion & Equality

Rabbi Moskowitz was assigned secular, then identified as ultra-orthodox for twenty years, and now embraces a religiously non-conforming identity. He has the cultural competency and language to translate beyond the words of the text and to hear the intentionality in the rabbinic voice speaking for social justice and inclusivity.
Rabbi Moskowitz has three ultra-orthodox rabbinic ordinations. He spent a decade in the largest yeshivas in the world and studied the entire Babylonian Talmud. He founded and headed a kollel – a sacred think tank, served as a rabbi at Columbia University, and of a congregation in Harlem. Rabbi Moskowitz explored academic Talmud at Yale and at Jewish Theological Seminary, where he is currently completing a Doctorate in Hebrew Literature. As one of the leading thinkers at the intersection of trans issues and Jewish thought, he is a sought after lecturer, educator, and researcher.
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When Therapists Have Lived through Suicide Intensity — Deep Insights on Helping the Suicidal Person: Interview with Dr. Stacey Freedenthal

Do mental health providers’ own personal histories with suicide impact their interactions with and attitudes towards people experiencing suicide intensity? What happens when clinicians disclose their own suicide attempts to the public or to their clients? Does an “insider’s view” help a therapist to be more of an ally than an adversary? In this interview Dr. Stacey Freedenthal and I explore these questions as we have an in-depth conversation about her deep insights in helping the suicide person.

About Dr. Stacey Freedenthal
Stacey-Freendenthal B&W.png
Stacey Freedenthal, PhD, LCSW, is a tenured faculty member at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work where she teaches Suicide Assessment and Interventions, Assessment of Mental Health in Adults, Clinical Social Work Theory and Practice, and Social Justice Challenges in Mental Health Practice. She writes poignantly and powerfully about suicide. Her book, Helping the Suicidal Person: Tips and Techniques for Professionals, contains evidence-based instructions and advice for assessing risk, planning for safety and helping the suicidal person to build hope, coping skills and reasons for living. She has written more than 70 articles for her website, a blog that has received over five million visitors since 2013.

Freedenthal started her journey working in the field of suicide prevention in 1994, when she volunteered at a suicide hotline. Subsequently, she earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas at Austin. She held clinical positions in psychiatric emergency settings before returning to school to earn a PhD in social work from Washington University in St. Louis. Before Freedenthal became a social worker, she worked as a journalist for The Dallas Morning News. for more information go to

Meanwhile on Earth – Selections – A Poetry Reading by Joseph S. Fusaro

From my books ‘Letters to the Universe’ up until ‘Andromeda’ I was doing a lot of soul-searching. I was trying to find out who I was. I was trying to make any sense that I could out of the things I had went through in my 20’s. I finally knew in my head that I wanted to live, I just didn’t physically feel that way. My earlier writing was a product of my seclusion and meditation. Although it was more positive than my schizoaffective and panic-driven-manifesto days, it was still very ungrounded. Yes, I was aware and hopeful, however I was not very present and still felt like I was watching my days pass away from afar. I was the third-person omniscient narrator of my story, and it was boring always knowing what was going to happen. With ‘Meanwhile On Earth’ I decided to take a break from the spiritual and visit this wonderful place called Earth. It was my attempt at coming back to myself. And when I got back I was very surprised that the talk of the town (more the talk of the internet) was sexism, racism, lies, and fear. Even the people that claimed they were there to serve, were really just serving up fear. Damn, I thought I’d be coming back to a place of peace, love, and understanding? It was with ‘Meanwhile On Earth’ that I realized why so many people like myself ran away to a journal to get lost deep into the mind. It felt a little safer in there. “Meanwhile on Earth, I don’t want to hear another word.” Meanwhile on Earth is available on Amazon at

EP 286 Black Power, Jewish Politics: A Look Back and Forward

 The notion of African-American and Jewish leaders walking arm in arm
during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s stirs many, so proud that
they were on the right side of history.  And yet that imagery may mask
some truths that historians are now uncovering.  Chief among them is
Professor Marc Dollinger, author of ‘Black Power Jewish Politics’, whose
careful examination of the period suggests a divergence of interest
between the two communities that is understandable, though little
reported, until this time.  He also unlocks some fascinating new
thinking about the black power movement and its impact on all other
pride movements, including Jews rallying to the Zionist tradition in the
wake of Israel’s victory in the 1967 War.  Once we correct the
historical record, we move on in this conversation to talk about where
the two communities are today as horrific events pose real threats to
both groups by white supremacists.  Will it draw them closer together? 
Find out in the next thirty minutes.

Suicide and Culture — Arts, Religion and Social Justice: Interview with Dr. Erminia Colucci | Episode 44

In the United States our suicide rates are going up, but in much of the world, the suicide rates are going down. In this interview I speak with the world renowned Erminia Colucci to discuss the Anglo perspective of a highly medicalized perspective of suicide and contrast that with an understanding of suicide in a larger context. In her view, we must situate suicide prevention within a social, cultural and political context to be effective. She is part of a group of “Critical Suicidologists” who are challenging some of the “truths” we have accepted within the suicide prevention field. As an activist researcher she wants to engage with the community and helps us better to understand the root causes of inequality, oppression, violence and related conditions of human suffering.

Erminia and I have this conversation at the World Congress for Suicide Prevention in Derry, Ireland. We are sitting in an art studio in the Playhouse for this conversation, and explore a ‘different way’ to help people on their darkest day.

Take aways:
Suicide needs to be seen in a larger context within the cultures people belong to

We need to break the silence in some areas of understanding suicide like social justice

By exploring alternative methods that work for people, like the arts, faith, and others, we can make a difference to alleviate suffering and prevent suicide.

About Dr. Erminia Colucci
Erminia Colucci
Erminia Colucci is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Middlesex University London (UK), however she has lectured and conducted research all over the4 world including Australia, Japan, the Philippines, and in her home country of Italy. In 2015 she was awarded the International Association for Suicide Prevention’s award for innovative research among young researchers. The focus of her research is on on the cultural implications of suicide on mental health and suicide with a focus on low-middle income countries and immigrant and refugee populations. Her key interests are human rights and mental health, suicide and suicide prevention, domestic violence against women and children, child neglect/exploitation, spirituality and faith-based and spiritual/traditional healing, and first-hand stories of people with lived-experience of ‘mental illness’ and suicidal behavior. Erminia is passionate about using arts-based and visual methods, particularly photography and ethnographic film-documentary, in her research, teaching and advocacy activities. Erminia is the chair of the International Association for Suicide Prevention SIG in Culture and Suicidal Behaviour, Chair of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry SIG on Arts, Media and Mental Health and founder of Movie-ment ( and Aperture, the first Asia-Pacific ethnographic documentary festival. For more information on this episode go to

078 – Hillary McBride – Midwife of the Mind and Heart

Hillary is a therapist, researcher, speaker and writer. She loves to help people grow, heal, change, and come into more fullness in themselves and their relationships. She is passionate about the well-being of all people, and wants to make psychology and academic research accessible to a wide variety of people. She is also the host of two podcasts: Other People’s Problems and The Liturgist Podcast and the author of two books: Mothers, Daughters, & Body Image and Embodiment and Eating Disorders.

Hillary and Sarah discuss therapy, interconnectedness, and the importance of taking care of self as well as feminism and racism. Hillary asks the important question of whether or not we are an agent in our own transformation.

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077 – What I’m Reading

Sarah runs through a long list of books that have been instrumental in her emotional and spiritual development over the past year. From anti-racism to workaholism to spirituality, there’s a little something to interest everyone.

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How Suffering Transforms Us with Rabbi Steve Leder

Rabbi Steve Leder joins us to talk about grief, suffering, and transformation. He shares with us why he wrote the best-selling book More Beautiful than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us and shared that it included an apology for all the people he had counseled in the past. He had an awakening after a life threatening car accident that left him in chronic pain, with depression, and an Opioid addiction. Through that experience he learned that much of what he’d endeavored to help people with he didn’t truly understand. This show is a great reminder as to why our suffering is transformative and can lead to a deeper and richer life experience. We also discussed that the very act of suffering is not a call to martyr yourself. None of us actually wants to suffer. If we can avoid it we certainly work hard at trying, but leaning into it can transform your life.

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A Root Cause of False Accusations with Veronica Conway

Join Veronica Conway and Kristin Walker on what was supposed to be a show about racism and the danger of making false accusations. The pendulum swing we are all experiencing in this post #metoo movement era is at times awe inspiring. False accusations around racism, sexism: abuse of any kind don’t help the very causes we’ve all been fighting to be taken seriously.

The topic started as one specifically about what happens and how damaging it is for everyone when a false accusation is made but who largely makes them?

Our conversation moved towards the root causes of false accusations. We find the toxic underbelly of narcissistic personality disorder and delve into this in depth. We also share how vital it is for empaths to stand together against this behavior. Read into the deeper meaning and take stock of the pathology and history behind emotional predators. These predatory people cry victim better than the actual victims of their behavior and their histories of abuse with many people and organizations speak to the very nature of behavior they work hard to keep under wraps.

Veronica Conway, CPCC -Often dubbed “The Secret Weapon” by her clients, Veronica is an award winning entrepreneur and founder of three coaching companies, including the Black Professional Coaches Alliance, the world’s first coaching organization dedicated to the transformation of people of African descent. She is also the founder of the Black Mastery Word Summit, the first & largest digital gathering of Black thought leaders. Veronica works with business owners (startups or seasoned), executives, influencers, and other peak performers that want to transform mental internal barriers that prevent them from realizing their greatest financial and personal potential. Veronica is the only expert offering YOU: Unleashed!, a step by step coaching program that facilitates participants in creating a massive leveraged outcome in 90 days. She has coached everyone from truck drivers to CEO’s, athletes, artists and celebrities. Veronica has more than 7000 hours of personal, business and financial coaching experience. She specializes in proven technologies that create accelerated performance and an unprecedented competitive advantage.
A dynamic and provocative keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator, she has consistently impacted national audiences with her playful, edgy and transformative presentation style. She has spoken to groups such as Chevron Texaco, the NBA, FraserNet, the National Black MBA’s, The National Urban League, and many others. She has served as the Official Conference Coach at numerous national conferences.
Veronica’s client roster includes Dell, Nike, the NBA, the Kellogg Foundation, the City of Oakland, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, The United Way, Triumph Technologies, The Maya Angelou Charter School, and many others. She has created revolutionary programs that have transformed the finances of low income, inner city clients, as well as the bottom lines of multimillion-dollar companies.

Veronica is the creator of the ground breaking program The Black Mastery Success Program, the first audio program designed to reprogram negative cultural conditioning in Black people. She is the co-creator and co-author of The African American Guide to Business and Personal Success, as well as the author of the cutting edge manifesto “The Black Paper.” She has blogged for The Huffington Post. She has been a regular commentator on The Zo What Morning Show and the Voice of Reason radio show.

Veronica is a certified coach, as well as a certified hypno-therapist and master certified NLP practitioner. She is a Master Business and Financial coach, a seasoned facilitator and a certified mediator. She is a founding member of the International Association of Financial Sports and Celebrity Advisors. She has served on the national steering committee of the National Cares Mentoring Movement, which was founded by Susan Taylor, Chairman Emeritus, Essence Magazine. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.

She enjoys her sane and thoughtful adult children, Jordan and Jake.


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