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Tag: Teens

121:Meet Tay Tay

In this episode, I interview my grandmother Terri Pursell or as we call her, Ta Ta. She is everyone’s dream grandmother and like me, you will all fall in love with her from her voice to her personality. She is truly a saint because she will do anything for her family.

120:Spreading Our Wings


On this episode, we discuss how pop music can resemble autism. Also, I show my fun side by playing a game with you about pop music. If you drop me an email with any of the clues and the name of the correct song, you will either get a free autism Paracord bracelet or you will get a $5 Starbucks gift card. 

118:Pushed To The Side

On this episode I talk about how often those with autism are excluded from conversations and how it makes us feel. It makes us feel awful and that we are worthless to society. Today I will talk about ways in which those with autism can be a part of conversations without being excluded and how others can work on welcoming everyone to the group.



Stacey Godbold- Recovery Friends

Stacey joins Host Aaron Huey to talk about “The friend group”. Too many parents dislike the kids their child is hanging out with, only to forget that other parents feel the same way about their kid. WHAT IF you take a bunch of troubled kids and put them together while they try to recover? Will they just share the war stories? Will they teach each other about a new way. to use? Can they actually help each other if they all are struggling through? Such a fun episode!

117:Into Simon Majumdar's Cookhouse

In this episode, we interview Simon Majumdar. Simon has been a judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, and Guy’s Grocery Games and we talk about his judging on those shows. He is a supporter of the autism world because he has played for autism charities. We also talk about his life from England to America.

Robert Bernstein- Uniquely Normal Understanding Autism and Spectrum Behavior

Author and Counselor Robert Bernstein has dedicated his practice to working with Autism and Spectrum Behavior. His book, “Uniquely Normal” helps families navigate the language of Autism in the most remarkable way and he shares his skill and grace with BRAB listeners on this special episode! 2018 IPPY Gold Medal Award Winner in the Mental/Psychology category. 2017 Best Books Award Winner in the Mental/Psychology category and 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Parenting/Family category, “Uniquely Normal: Tapping The Reservoir of Normalcy To Treat Autism”. Author Robert J. Bernstein has found a different approach based on cognition thinking in helping people of all ages with ASD. Author’s goal is for people with ASD to be able to live in the world and connect with the people in it as themselves, to express their unique humanity and engage more fully in the human interactions that give life meaning and make it worth the effort of getting out of bed every day. The author believes that whatever he does therapeutically must be on the ASD individual’s terms; he or she must lead. Author’s therapy examples are categorized by age groups of 2-5 years of age, 6-10 years of age, 11-14 years of age, and 19 years of age and up.


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