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116:Pit Pass To Armani Williams

On this episode, I interview Armani Williams. Armani Williams is the first openly autistic NASCAR driver and I will talk with him about his goals and his quest in and out of NASCAR. We are working toward the same goals: taking the stigma away from autism and showing that even if someone has autism, they can be successful.

Thomas Shanahan -Recovery Fitness and Relapse Prevention

Recovery Fitness and Relapse Prevention
Aaron speaks with the personal trainer and sports nutritionist, Tom Shanahan, who outlines a program of action to energize, reboot, and strengthen one’s recovery, especially those who feel they may have hit a wall in their program. His new book, Spiritual Adrenaline, imparts the importance of a holistic approach to fitness, good eating habits, and connection to a personal higher power in order to optimize the guiding principles of the Twelve Steps and reinforce relapse prevention.

115:Conversation Operation

Join me as we talk about people with autism having conversations.Today, I will talk about how we comprehend what people are saying when they are talking one another or in a group setting. This episode will demonstrate how to enter, stay in, and exit a conversation because this can often be a challenge.

Duke Rumley- Sober AF

Aaron and Dukes discuss Duke’s solution to teens and adults getting high. It’s pure genius. Duke Rumley has been working in the Recovery Field for over 9 years in many different roles. He has learned from his role as an Interventionist, Alumni Manager and Marketing Director. He is a person in long-term recovery, since May 1989, and has been an active member of the recovery community from the beginning, along with an avid live music fan. After an 18 year career on Wall Street, Duke went to work at a nonprofit, Harmony Foundation. He helped start their Veterans Alumni Fundraiser and the National Recovery Skiathon. He has worked closely with the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, Phoenix Multisport and Young People in Recovery, all nonprofit support groups.

Dr. Marcie Chambers- Someone gave Brittney Extacy for her 16th Birthday

Dr. Marcie Chambers received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She was in private practice for a number of years, treating clients for depression, anxiety, trauma, codependency, and addiction. Her practice included treating individuals, couples and families. Dr. Chambers taught psychology at the University of Colorado, Regis University and Metro State College. Dr. Chambers opened The Rose House in Boulder County, Colorado in 2008. The Rose House is a 16 bed, extended care treatment facility for women. They focus on treating women with dual diagnosis including addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, love addiction, and codependency. The Rose House also has a sober living step down program that includes continued therapy.

114:Meet Abe Shapiro

On today’s episode, I interview a man named Abe Shapiro. Abe is a passionate leader in and out of his Neurodiversity Coalition at Indiana University. He founded this coalition to push acceptance for all and to show that people on the spectrum should be celebrated, not dismissed.

Rob Archuleta Harm Reduction

Rob Archuleta and Host Aaron Huey talk about Harm Reduction in recovery.
Rob is the Co-Founder of Addict2Athlete and works as the Chief Innovation Officer at Crossroad’s Turning Points, Inc. He has a BS in Sociology and MS in Criminology and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior. He is a five-time Ironman, CrossFit competitor, and Ultra Spartan and marathon runner. He has worked in the field for over fifteen years.

“The Power of Agency” Can you run your family like a business?

Dr. Anthony Rao, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Vanderbilt University. For more than 20 years, Dr. Rao worked in the Department of Psychiatry at Boston Children’s Hospital and served as an instructor at Harvard Medical School, where he trained psychologists and physicians in the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT.

Dr. Rao has been a featured expert on documentaries and has been interviewed for articles in The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Parents Magazine, among many others. His editorial letters and opinions have appeared in a wide range of publications including Newsweek, Scientific American, The New York Times, and New York Magazine.

Dr. Rao has lectured extensively at universities, including Tufts University, Emerson College, and Boston University. He regularly presents at conferences, parenting groups, and conducts workshops for professionals around the country who work with children and young adults.

His first book, The Way of Boys: Promoting the Social and Emotional Development of Young Boys (HarperCollins) is an expose on the current crisis in American boyhood. It urges parents, educators, pediatricians, psychologists, and other developmental experts to reevaluate and radically alter how we raise boys – so boys can be their best, respecting their unique development right from the start.


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