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Listen Up Adults! – We’ve got something to say! (A story about my transition to the gender I was supposed to be)

In this series, we are highlighting the voices of youth and giving them a forum to talk about what is on their minds. Ten year old ‘Matt’ joins us, along with his mom, to talk about his decision to live in this world in the way he has always felt…male. His words are so simple, yet so poignant, “Just BE who you are.” He goes on to remind us that we would all “just be happier” if we could accept each other.

Loss and Trauma with Dion Green: A Personal Story

This incredibly vulnerable, raw, and heartbreaking conversation with Dion Greene. Dion is a bereaved victim/survivor of the Dayton Ohio mass shooting from August 2019 where nine people were killed and seventeen others were injured.
Dion Green, MBA, Founder/CEO of Flourishing Under Distress Given Encouragement (FUDGE)
Dion Green is the Founder/CEO of Flourishing Under Distress Given Encouragement (FUDGE), a 501c3 non profit that helps survivors through traumatic experiences with resources and support. Green recently finished his MBA at Keller’s Graduate School in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship, and holds a Bachelor of Science from DeVry University in Business Administration.

Green is an advocate on gun violence and on gun legislation which was inspired by the mass shooting that occurred in Dayton, Ohio in August of 2019, which claimed his father’s life and many other innocent victims. He speaks around the country and speaks in the communities that have been impacted by gun violence. Green authored a memoir called Untitled Act of God/Act of Man sharing his tragedies and demonstrating a sense of resilience through his journey by forgiving and giving back to his community.
In addition to his Foundation, Gun Legislation Advocacy service, and Gun Rally participation, he serves on the Board of Felons with a Future, Upturn Ohio, and numerous other community initiatives and support networks across the country.
Dion has spent the past 5 years as a real estate investor and served as a case manager with St. Vincent Depaul homeless shelter as a Case Manager. He currently resides in Dayton with his fiancee and 13-year-old daughter.

on Twitter @DionGre95543236

ST Podcast Ep. 63: The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

ST Podcast Ep. 63: The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

The Legacy of Captain America Explored and Unveiled! On the new episode of the Superhero Therapy podcast, Dr. Janina Scarlet and host Dustin McGinnis explore the latest Marvel Masterpiece, The Falcon and the Winter Solder. They discuss the importance of Legacy, Bucky’s drive for redemption, the politics of compassion, Isiah Bradley’s integrity, and the responsibility that comes with power.

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Listen Up Adults! – We’ve got something to say! (A story about my mentally ill brother)

In this series, we are highlighting the voices of youth and giving them a forum to talk about what is on their minds. ‘Holly’ joins us for this podcast and discusses what life has been like growing up with a sibling who struggles with mental health issues. She artfully paints a picture of the pain, worry and insight she has gained during the journey with her brother. Holly reminds us all that love is big and messy!

S3 Chapter 13: Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

S3 Chapter 13: Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw

On this episode, Dr. Janina Scarlet and host Dustin McGinnis discuss being caught in the middle of two friends who are fighting, the urgency response, Harry’s very understandable hyper vigilance, and sexism in sports.

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Isolation, Separation and Loneliness…Oh My!

Today’s podcast tackles the topic of isolation (an issue we know all too well as of late) and how it can boar it’s way into our psyche. Prolonged loneliness and lack of connection can impact our thoughts and break down our beliefs. It can then morph into something we become habituated to. In this talk, we feature our favorite author, Tony Garcia, who shares two poignant writings as a springboard for our conversation. Tony has written three books, available on Amazon:
Wanna Know a Truth? A Simple Man’s Search for the Truths in His Life
Whispers From My Heart
Secrets, Truths & Whispers: Lessons from a Good, Hard Life
He can be found at:,

Communal Narcissism with Dr. Paul Meier I

Join Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin as they discuss communal narcissism and its impact on all of us.

DEFINITION: According to this model, communal narcissism may be understood as an agency-communion characteristic; that is, communal narcissists’ agentic core motives (i.e., grandiosity, esteem, entitlement, and power) are expressed through communal means (e.g., helpfulness and trustworthiness).

Narcissism Test:

The Importance of Connection with Terri Keener

Terri Keener, Behavioral Health Coordinator from the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center joined me for an important conversation about the importance of connection for victims and survivors of mass violence. “Healing does not happen in isolation.”

Terri Keener, LCSW, LSCSW
Behavioral Health Coordinator, Division of Child and Family Services
Vegas Strong Resiliency Center

I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Master of Science in Social Work and I am professionally licensed as a clinical social worker in Kansas and Nevada.

I am a member of the 2021 cohort of the Jameson Fellowship.

My professional experience includes:
•More than 30 years of experience working with trauma and special needs populations in various communities and settings including child welfare, education, and community based mental health.
•Direct services, supervision, management, consultation, team development, training, program development, grant writing and management, quality assurance, provider vetting, collaborative projects, outreach and media relations.
•Since June 2018, serve as the Behavioral Health Coordinator at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, learning about the behavioral health needs of those impacted by mass violence and developing and establishing programming to meet those needs.

Relevant Training:
•EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
•EMDR – Recent Event Protocol
•Member EMDR Trauma Resource Network for Southern Nevada
•Critical Incident Stress Management (Group and Individual)
•NOVA Crisis Response Team Training (National Organization of Victim Assistance)
•Employee Trauma Intervention Program (E-TIP)
•Trauma Recovery Yoga
•Field Based Consultant, Inclusive Network of Kansas, KU Graduate School of Education
•Conference Presentations including:
oImpact of childhood trauma on parenting (National Association of Case Management)
oFacilitating Child and Family Teams (NV Statewide Differential Response Conference)
oSchool-Based Programs and Partnerships (KS Mental Health Services Conference)
oDisaster Behavioral Health (Minnesota Regional Conference)
oUNR Public Health Perspectives Webinar – Impact of Mass Violence
•Strategic Management and Planning Facilitator
•Clark County Leadership Academy
•Georgetown University Leadership Academy

Relevant Accomplishments:
•Establishment of a Peer Support program and Critical Incident Teams for Clark County Department of Family Services
•Vetting and matching of providers for survivors of mass violence in multiple states and Canada
•Implementation of Peer Support groups through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
•Coordination of volunteer emotional support providers for mass violence anniversary and special events
•Establishment of a network of local and out of area mental health and supportive services providers for those impacted by mass violence and trauma
•Media appearances and development of press release and social media and educational material as Behavioral Health Coordinator at Vegas Strong Resiliency Center
•Organization of various training and information session opportunities for those impacted by mass violence, including responder peer support teams.


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