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001: The Savvy Shrink: Narcissism in the Workplace

Andrea Schneider begins her podcast by interviewing the host of Mental Health News Radio, Kristin Walker. Narcissism in the workplace is toxic and breeds discontent that can turn into hostility, bullying, and mental illness. Andrea guides Kristin through some questions about how to identify a toxic leader or coworker and how to handle them.

Andrea Schneider, MSW, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in San Dimas, CA. She received her MSW from University of Michigan (the top ranked social work program in the country) and her B.A. in Psychology from UCLA. During her 20+ year career, Andrea has counseled thousands of individuals and families covering a broad range of issues and challenges, developing specialties in maternal wellness, narcissistic abuse recovery, special needs parenting, and  grief/loss. 

Kristin Walker is the CEO of a podcast network that focuses on Mental Health, MHNR Network. As a technology consultant for the last twenty years she has worked with many people in different kinds of workplace environments. The worst? Anti-Social Personality Disorder in the workplace.



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