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Mother and daughter co-authors of a memoir that focuses on trauma and survival, host a ground breaking new podcast called, Which Way? on Mental Health News Radio Network.

As a therapist with nearly three decades of experience, and over seven years as a graduate teacher of psychology and social work, Shari Simmons MSW, LCSW co-hosts new podcast Which Way? with her mother Jann Simmons.  Together, they share their story of generational healing.

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Why Is Love-Bombing So Dangerous?

In this episode we’ll explore love-bombing AKA idealization and how that fits into the abuse cycle. This is so important for you to be able to break through the Cognitive Dissonance.

You’ll finally understand why you felt so addicted to the relationship and had such a hard time accepting that the abuser is an abuser. 

You’ll also find out about the flipside of idealization and how you might be internalizing the abuse training by idealizing the abuser and others or comparing yourself to others and holding yourself to an unrealistic expectation of perfection.

You’ll get some tips for avoiding the love-bombing sickness and addiction. These tips will help you build immunity to narcissistic abuse.

The Journey: A Roadmap for Self-healing After Narcissistic Abuse

The Covert Narcissist

In this episode Debbie Mirza, author of The Passive-Aggressive Covert Narcissist, and I are talking about covert narcissists and what it’s like to be in a relationship with one. 

You’ll finally understand why the covert narcissist in your life doesn’t seem like the description of the classic narcissist. 

You’ll find out about the traits of covert narcissists and how these types can be more dangerous than the overt ones.

You’ll also learn some tips for recognizing when you’re dealing with a covert narcissist.

The Scapegoat & Golden Child Dynamic – It’s not just in the family!

In this episode we’ll explore the dynamic of the Scapegoat and the Golden Child in the family, workplace, organizations and social groups in general.

You’ll finally understand why narcissists and other manipulators use this Scapegoat and Golden Child tactic in all areas of their life.

You’ll get some tips for dealing with this dynamic in your family of origin as well as for helping your kids who are going through this with the other parent and you’ll see how this tactic is used in organizations and other groups of people.

You’ll also understand what will happen in your family when you start speaking up about the abuse, no matter which role you were originally cast in.

Narcissistic Supply

In this episode we’ll explore the concept of narcissistic supply: what it is, the different forms it takes and what happens when you stop giving them that supply before they’re done with you.

You’ll finally understand why narcissists do everything they do and how this affects you.

You’ll get some tips for not feeding the narcissist your power.

Stay tuned for the last segment to learn about the key to not getting emotionally hijacked when the narcissist provokes you.

Social Life & Dating After Narcissistic Abuse

In this episode we’ll explore what to expect when you’re getting back out there after narcissistic abuse.

First, you’ll find out about the social isolation that will naturally happen in Stage One of the recovery process and how that evolves by Stage Three.

Then you’ll get some tips for when you feel ready to start meeting new people but you’re terrified of getting hurt again.

I will give you some very important tips on why you shouldn’t date or look for new friends when you’re lonely and I’ll also let you know about a common trap that you want to avoid.

Stay tuned for the last segment to get some important ways that you can raise your standards and show them through your boundaries in order to weed out people who don’t respect you.

Unsubscribing from the Narcissist’s Reality & Owning Your Reality

In this episode we’ll explore the importance of reprogramming your reality paradigm after narcissistic abuse.

First, you’ll find out about the narcissist’s reality and why this is the most damaging part left behind after the abuse.

Then you’ll learn about how can you work on owning your reality in order to create the life you want.

I’ll share with you a powerful mental ninja technique to overwrite the reality program that was installed in your mind by the abusers in your life. This is the most important part of self-care that will help you recover after narcissistic abuse.

The 4 Pillars of Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

In this episode we’ll explore the 4 most important pillars of support to work on in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse.

You’ll find out about the behaviors that reveal deficits in each of the 4 pillars. The little quiz at the beginning will help you identify which area or areas you need to heal and strengthen the most.

You’ll hear the best clips from my YouTube videos on: how the lack of each pillar might be manifesting in your life and what the antidote is to help you rebuild that area of your life, how gong fu is related to the healing process after abuse, and the quickest way to raise your self-esteem after abuse.

I’ll also share with you a powerful way to purge the crushing false guilt that’s telling you that you aren’t allowed to work on yourself and heal yourself.

Codependency Caused by Abuse

In this episode we’ll explore where codependency comes from, how to identify these patterns in yourself, and what you can do about it now.

You’ll find out what codependency is and you’ll get the opportunity to evaluate yourself on 30 parameters of codependency to see what you need to work on to overcome those patterns. The Codependency Inventory will also help you to compare where you were in the past and where you are now in order to evaluate your progress in rewriting the old codependency patterns.

You’ll hear the best clips from my YouTube videos on: did the adult relationship cause the codependency or where did that come from, the control factor of codependency that might be causing you to feel helpless, and the relationship between self-love and codependency.

Leaving the Narcissist

In this episode we’ll explore the process of leaving the narcissist or other manipulator. You’ll get some practical steps to take for the extraction process and then tips to keep yourself out of trouble after you leave.

You’ll hear the best clips from my YouTube videos on to leave the narcissist or not to leave, divorcing the narcissist and ending the abuse cycle, what happens when you leave the narcissist before the discard, and what to do if you run into the narcissist.


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