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MHNR Network Welcomes: Intentionally Emotive Hosted by Shaun Karim!

“Having gone through what I have in my life, I have a responsibility to share my experiences with others. Having been as low as I have been, not even that long ago, that person would not recognize the person I have today, and I want to help others achieve the same thing. ” 

– Shaun Karim


Shaun Karim shares his own journey dealing with narcissistic abuse and domestic abuse against men with his podcast Intentionally Emotive. 

Shaun Karim felt that there was something missing in the array of podcasts that just didn’t just quite fit what he was looking for in his listening experiences and decided to become a podcaster and fix exactly that void that he had found.  As a man who has experienced an abusive upbringing,  he tended to mirror those kinds of relationships as he got older, often ending up in abusive relationships.  Men as survivors of domestic abuse are not talked about enough.

As Shaun progressed through therapy and his own healing, he decided that he wanted to use his experiences to help others, especially men, in similar situations.  As he has been able to overcome so much and continues to follow that as an ongoing journey, he felt part of his place in this world was to share these experiences, help others feel less alone, and perhaps give them a place to begin their own healing journeys. Intentionally Emotive, the name itself, was specifically chosen as Shaun has always had the best outcomes in his life when he truly connected with what he wanted to achieve.  In a world where we are all trying to live more mindfully, where we are learning more about faith and how to attract things in life, “Intentionally Emotive” just felt perfect.

Shaun’s aim is to help create a way for others to understand that their own personal traumas, all of the things that they have been through in life, are not their fault.   Many people with abuse in their lives may incorrectly place blame on themselves.  Shaun feels that the only way to unlock that is to push that ‘reset’ button and fall into the person who you are, and get rid of the character that you used to be.  It’s not an overnight solution, but it’s absolutely achievable, and he tries to help his listeners jumpstart that pathway in their own lives.

Shaun has been homeless when he was at a very difficult time in his life.  No job, hardly any money, living off of two hot dogs for $1.49 split up throughout four days.  It took several years, but his faith was reignited and he would hand his impossible circumstances to Him and He always would always take care of him at the perfect time.  He understands that he is not here by accident, but because he has a purpose to help others who are where he has already been.


About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 70 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health.

About Shaun Karim

Shaun Karim was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  Throughout his life, he encountered different forms of abuse and carried that trauma for decades.  It became part of his identity in his relationships with other people and himself.  Shaun suffered through depression and anxiety for decades, was in relationships with narcissists, was a victim of domestic violence, and was afraid of what may come in his future.

It was at his lowest moments when he had a choice–to continue with his family’s script and give up or to take a leap of faith and write his own future. In his long and arduous journey, along with professional help, he learned the origins of his trauma and, more importantly, what he could do to overcome all of it. Shaun is a mental health advocate who understands the pitfalls that toxic thinking and toxic people that are imposed on others, and he understands the “mental reset” that needs to take place.


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Struggle Well – Thoughts on Afghanistan

The messy withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused many service members and veterans to question the value of their time there, and to question why it is worth the loss of brothers and sisters. Josh Goldberg sat down with Lt. Col Aaron Schilleci, who was deployed in support of the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan and the battle against ISIS, to get his thoughts. If you are struggling in the midst of all that is happening – you certainly aren’t alone. If you need support, visit and apply for our Warrior PATHH program.

Listen Up Adults! – We’ve got something to say! (A story about missing my senior year)

In this series, we are highlighting the voices of youth and giving them a forum to talk about what is on their minds. 18 year old Zoey Bekkela joins us to discuss how missing her senior of high school changed everything…in a good way! She reveals the insights and wisdom this year taught her about self care, mental health, checking on friends, social justice and politics. While the negative impact of the pandemic on youth has been a focus in the media; Zoey provides a different perspective. Her positivity is a breath of fresh air and something we all need to hear.

Listen Up Adults! – We’ve got something to say! (A story about my transition to the gender I was supposed to be)

In this series, we are highlighting the voices of youth and giving them a forum to talk about what is on their minds. Ten year old ‘Matt’ joins us, along with his mom, to talk about his decision to live in this world in the way he has always felt…male. His words are so simple, yet so poignant, “Just BE who you are.” He goes on to remind us that we would all “just be happier” if we could accept each other.

Listen Up Adults! – We’ve got something to say! (A story about my mentally ill brother)

In this series, we are highlighting the voices of youth and giving them a forum to talk about what is on their minds. ‘Holly’ joins us for this podcast and discusses what life has been like growing up with a sibling who struggles with mental health issues. She artfully paints a picture of the pain, worry and insight she has gained during the journey with her brother. Holly reminds us all that love is big and messy!

Isolation, Separation and Loneliness…Oh My!

Today’s podcast tackles the topic of isolation (an issue we know all too well as of late) and how it can boar it’s way into our psyche. Prolonged loneliness and lack of connection can impact our thoughts and break down our beliefs. It can then morph into something we become habituated to. In this talk, we feature our favorite author, Tony Garcia, who shares two poignant writings as a springboard for our conversation. Tony has written three books, available on Amazon:
Wanna Know a Truth? A Simple Man’s Search for the Truths in His Life
Whispers From My Heart
Secrets, Truths & Whispers: Lessons from a Good, Hard Life
He can be found at:,

Understanding Suicide (Part II)

In part II of our suicide series, Jann discusses the two suicide attempts that left her and Shari reeling for answers. While emotionally difficult for both as they re-lived the emotions they experienced; they felt the need to share. Jann highlights the fact that while suicide is a choice, it doesn’t need to be the final choice if we can help others find a glimmer of hope through connection. Despair, pain and guilt are dissected in this vulnerable discussion as both mother and daughter speak from two very different perspectives.

Shari and Jann travel the country speaking on trauma and resiliency. More about them and their book, Which Way? can be found at

Understanding Suicide (Part I)

Given that the world has seen a drastic jump in suicides since the start of the pandemic, suicide expert Paula Fontenelle candidly talks about her personal experience with losing a loved one to suicide. Referencing her book, Understand Suicide: Living with loss. Paths to prevention, Paula discusses the myths associated with suicidality, highlights signs to look for, and provides helpful tips on how to address this topic with loved ones.

“Understanding Suicide” is the result of Fontenelle’s journey of self-discovery. Her book and podcast help us understand the complex nature of suicide, as well as its profound impact on those left behind. She can be found at:

And You May Find Yourself: A Guided Practice To Never Fearing Death Again

In this powerful podcast, we talk with Gerry Murphy, author of And You May Find Yourself: A Guided Practice To Never Fearing Death Again. Gerry’s near-death experience, where he felt as though he was “signing his life away”, forever changed the way he lives. Gerry encourages everyone to “practice” death, meaning that if we stop to truly think about our ending, we might find the urgency in changing the way we live. In doing this, he believes we are all given a second chance to create the life and legacy we want. This podcast is particularly relevant in today’s uncertain world and listening to Gerry’s accent is a bonus!

Gerry is from Scotland but lives in New York and runs Pentalogy Marketing His book can be found on his website, at Barnes and Noble, and on amazon

Medicating Normal – The intersection between human suffering and profit-driven medicine

You do NOT want to miss one of the most powerful interviews we have done! Medicating Normal is a documentary film that explores the untold story of what happens when profit-driven medicine intersects with human suffering.

In this podcast, Director Lynn Cunningham discusses her hope that Medicating Normal will present one very important and predominantly untold story. Her mission is that, as a society, we can begin a meaningful, informed, nationwide discussion about what it means to be fully human and mentally well.

Angela Peacock, MSW, former U.S. Army Sergeant, and subject of the film, Medicating Normal is a mental health advocate, a writer, and a YouTube creator who travels in her RV across the United States in an effort to improve the mental health care system and bring voice to patients who have been harmed by it.

Medicating Normal focuses on the predicament of 5 individuals whose lives were profoundly impacted by the medication they were taking. This group – individuals facing trauma and stress were drugged needlessly and made sicker as a result. Understanding the harm that had befallen them – especially in the context of the misleading science and marketing behind these drugs – compelled Lynn, her Co-Director, Wendy and their team to make this groundbreaking film.

For more information and community screenings of the film, go to


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