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The Animal Effect On Autism


Join guest Prairie Conlon and host Kristin Walker as they discuss how horses and dogs are used as adjunctive therapy for kids on the autism spectrum.

About Prairie Conlon: My Approach

I believe that you are ultimately the expert on you. Let me act as a motivational guide through your struggles and together we can reach your goals. I believe in holistic treatment plans that involve working in several areas of your life to approach the issue comprehensively and thoroughly. I have both professional and personal experience in working with military service members and their families. I have extensive knowledge in animal-assisted therapy and believe strongly in emotional support animals as well as other forms of alternative treatments to include yoga, meditation, essential oils and homeopathic medicine, exercise, and mindfulness training. The best part, we provide all services online so no driving to sessions or taking time away from work of family! We can do this when you want and where you want!

My Story
I’m a mother, a wife, and a working professional. I know first hand what struggling to be a success in all those areas looks like. I’ve discovered that the only thing that is constant is change and we must continue with the times in order to find our way. Let me walk beside you in your journey. I am a clinically trained therapist offering distance counseling in the states of North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. Together we can work to address and resolve problems that impair ability to function well, such as anxiety and depression, as well as helping people achieve their goals by creating motivation for change and developing and implementing a plan.

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