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The Dark Duplicity of the Covert Narcissist


Covert narcissists perpetrate tremendous damage on other human beings–psychological, emotional, financial.

Pernicious lying, deceptions and manipulations are part of their psychological DNA. For the Covert their image is uppermost in their minds at all times. Nothing matters more than using people around them as successive narcissistic supplies that are designed to keep their egos constantly inflated. 

Exploiting others is as natural to them as breathing. And wonderful people believe them- that is how cunning they are deceiving others. 

I have communicated with many of those who were married to narcissists who were stunned by their partner’s ability to maintain a pristine public images while privately causing severe trauma, emotional distress to family members. 

Covert narcissists carry out their malicious deeds without conscience and are proud of their dirty work. 

Those who have survived the covert narcissist and are prevailing by moving forward with their lives despite all of the pain they have suffered, deserve our deep respect and empathy. 

As you move forward along your own pathway of recovery and evolution, a routine that you design of self care is number one on your list. Eat nourishing food, hydrate, take rests, stretch, do gentle yoga in the form that works for you, move and exercise your style. Do your own form of spiritual practice of meditation/prayer, listen to beautiful music, be in Nature, focus on your creative gifts.

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