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The Empowered Empath

As Kristin and I embark on this joyful and magical journey with our show “Empowered Empaths”, it may be helpful to describe many of the attributes that an empath embodies but first, let’s look at the difference between a very sensitive person (Vsp) and an empath. Some people can walk into a room and sense the “mood” of the place. Heavy, light, somber, happy, we’ve all felt that. An empath, however, will sense all of that but will probably be able to pinpoint the source, will want to help if necessary, may take responsibility for what’s happening but either way, she becomes deeply affected by what’s in her environment. It’s exhausting and can be very detrimental to the empath’s overall well being unless we employ some basic shielding. I discovered this when I was in nurse’s training. The pain and suffering I encountered on a daily basis began to fry my emotional circuits and eventually impacted my health. It was vital to learn how to function with compassion and an open heart without allowing myself to be overwhelmed by everyone else’s energy and I’d like to share a few tips that may be helpful for you.

First and most important is to stop being so nasty to yourself. Listen to how you talk to yourself. Empaths have a tendency to shoulder the blame for everything that is wrong, everywhere and are usually hyper critical of themselves. Full stop…time to reframe: I am a spirit in a body who came here to contribute in a singular way and my sensitivity is one of the tools I use to make that contribution. It is my own special brand of magic and I am grateful for it! That statement just feels better, doesn’t it?

Second, everything in material reality without exception radiates their own unique energy field and we literally bathe in this huge pool of energy every day and it can be very uncomfortable. I believe in being prudent with my field and have the right and responsibility to keep my energetic space as clean as I can. To do this is simple and will take no time at all to do in the morning. Start by taking a few deep breaths while you close your eyes. Place one hand on your heart and picture yourself inside a bubble of light, seeing yourself fully inside and feeling very comfortable and safe. I also visualize a mirror like substance on the outside that will reflect all negative energy back to the sender. Check in during the day to reinforce the visual and again before sleep. This really does keep your energetic space free from intrusion, intentional or unintentional.

Third, remind yourself who you are…you are an immortal spirit and spark of the Divine having a human experience, contributing to the greater plan in a way that only you can. Being an empath is only one of your gifts and you need these gifts to accomplish what you came here to do, they are your tools and should be embraced and revered as sacred. Begin to see yourself a sacred being and you will begin to love your sacred self. You did not come here to be crushed or to suffer, you came here to remember the light that you embody and share it. Your empathy is your superpower and should be celebrated and cultivated so open your arms my empathetic friends and celebrate the magic that is you!

Many Blessings…Martha Juchnowski

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