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The Feeling of Being Limited – Especially Financially -TPS472


In today’s episode, I explore the idea of feeling limited, which I see as a corollary to feeling oppressed. I relate this to feeling financially limited. There are other emotions that can be part of feeling limited such as powerless.


I recognize that when I don’t have the funds I think I need, I feel limited. People often feel limited financially.
The glass ceiling is a feeling of limitation.
Limitations can be external or internal. I explain.
What are your physical limitations?
When you face physical limitations, you have to decide if you want to push through or not.
The internal limitations can be on the feeling level, such as feeling tight or constrained, which might be expressed as “money is tight”.
What do you perceive is your limitations, and is there some action you can take to work through those limitations and feel more expanded?
Ask, “what would I rather be feeling other than limited?”
If you recognize that you need more people, ask the question, “How can I connect to more people in a meaningful way?”
When you want to connect to more people, it’s often necessary to overlook your differences and to look for the similarities.
For now, I’m hoping that you will take some time to get in touch with the feeling of being limited.
I have found that when you get in touch with the feelings of limitation that come from difficult childhood experiences or abuse, then you can move past those feelings and expand to a different place of consciousness.
If you’re seeking financial freedom, then you have to learn how to feel free.
Are you willing to go through the process of making the internal changes that are necessary to live the life of your dreams?
Making the necessary changes is easier if you work with someone else. In this day and age, trying to do it alone just isn’t a good idea.
Once you set your intention, then what you need will show up. You just have to recognize it when it shows up.
Just focusing on money is not going to get you where you have to go. Focusing on feeling goals will make a big difference.
I talk about the energy tune-ups I do.

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