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The Future of School Part 2. How Parents Can Make it Work.

Continuing our conversation of the face of school changing…we now come to the most important part…HOW WILL THIS AFFECT PARENTS?

While it may work out GREAt for the kids and districts who are saving money, what about parents who are home, or have to work? How are grades done? How much should a parent help?

Part 2 of this great episode with Sara and Anjilee from Mountain Point Academy.

Sara and Anjilee are committed to student growth and learning. They each have a decade’s worth of experience in the digital/online learning industry. Anjilee earned a BA in Public Relations from Utah State University and an MS in Management and Leadership from
Western Governors University. Sara majored in Mathematics at Concordia University Wisconsin. Sara and Anjilee are on a mission to help students succeed not only academically, but personally as well. They provide the best student experience possible for anyone seeking an
education through Mountain Point Academy.

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Instagram handle is: @thempaway
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