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The Future of TechnologyAdvice and Healthcare IT with Drew Settles

technologyadvice-email-logoPart of our work as consultants in Behavioral and Women’s Healthcare is to help our clients find the best EHR solutions for their organizations. We stand on a pretty tall soapbox and offer complimentary tools to help people through the maze that can certainly feel harrowing. TechnologyAdvice is a fresh face out in the marketplace offering excellent advice and services to healthcare providers and agencies but also to the EHR vendors we care about. It has been our distinct pleasure to introduce several Behavioral Healthcare vendors to TechnologyAdvice so that providers looking for help finding the right tools have plenty of options.

the-future-of-mental-and-behavioral-healthcare-01We enjoyed being invited on their Expert Interview Series discussing buyouts and sub specialties within the EHR market.  During our pre-interview calls we were introduced to Charles “Drew” Settles who fast became one of our favorite guests. We refer to him as “The Brain” and certainly hope he’ll join us as a series regular. No topic was off the table. We simply had to fit in as much invaluable information to a thirty minute segment as possible (we still went over time but we promise it’s worth a listen – be prepared to take notes).  We covered what TechnologyAdvice has to over software vendors. We encourage all Behavioral Health EHR vendors to sign up with their services so consumers aren’t limited in their choices.


The Behavioral Health EHR market is certainly saturated. There are exciting vendors with incredible tools helping not only providers and agencies but also patients with their mental health care. Because TechnologyAdvice is so social media savvy, they are able to reach a wider audience than some of their competition. We were able to discuss with Drew some of the benchmarks we at everythingEHR use to select EHR vendors: founding members of the EHR must be a clinician as well as a degreed software engineer. They must have an appropriate number of staff members with relevant credentials on staff. Our list goes on and on.
016-TA.jpgTechnologyAdvice is extremely vendor friendly and wants to suggest multiple EHRs to anyone communicating with them. The more EHR vendors we have vetted and hosted on our radio show that can be showcased with TA the better. They are a large organization but run their company like a start-up which explains how quickly they’ve been able to entrench themselves in the software world. Having people like Drew in charge of analyzing products and looking at long-term reviews of software is what makes this organization stand out.
We discussed marketing agendas of many software companies and how they can certainly be misleading.  There is nothing like “boots on the ground” which we know from our consulting work onsite with practices. We’ve heard from many agencies, “We did all the checks and  balances. This vendor had great testimonials. The demo was so smooth. And, yet here we are….in a disaster. HELP US!”
Drew was generous with his knowledge and shared with us exactly what Cloud-Based means when it comes to software. We also covered what funding sources are looking for when it comes to software for any market, not just healthcare: they want to invest in browser-based solutions.

drew_settles_600x800Let’s tell you a little bit about our esteemed guest. Charles “Drew” Settles was born and raised in Nashville, Tenn. He spent his formative years at Culver Academies before attending Middle Tennessee State University for a degree in Electronic Media and Economics. When he’s not writing about technology, he can usually be found in the kitchen, cooking or brewing up something delicious.   He is a Product Analyst at TechnologyAdvice, a technology marketing and research firm dedicated to educating, advising, and connecting buyers and sellers of business technology. In his work, Charles has extensively written and researched topics related to healthcare IT, business intelligence, and other emerging technologies.


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