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The Genesis of Revenue Cycle Management for Behavioral Health with Dr. Trina Young Greer

On our quest to find revenue cycle management firms that uphold the ethical standards, fiscal responsibility, mature leadership, and seasoned personnel we at everythingEHR are grateful to have met the team at Genesis Assist and Genesis Counseling Center. As we work with the best-in-class Behavioral Health EHR vendors, it became imperative to also find billing and practice management firms that compliment our other recommended service providers.

It is our pleasure today to interview Dr. Trina Young Greer who is the founder of a multi-site and thriving behavioral health agency in Virginia. She is also one of the founders of Genesis Assist: a practice management and revenue cycle management organization.

Her journey as an entrepreneur is inspiring and we are proud to introduce her team and principals to our listeners, clients, and colleagues. Please join us on Mental Health News Radio for an informative and necessary look into what it takes to run a successful mental health practice, one that also inspires and guides many other agencies on their own journey to success.


GenesisCounselingQ: Tell our listeners how Genesis Counseling got its start.

A:  My journey was very much that of an Accidental Entrepreneur. Genesis Counseling Center was birthed out of another small counseling agency when the owner suddenly announced he was leaving town and the profession. There were 4 of us who were licensed therapists who really cherished working together. Each of my colleagues came to me and said, “We want to stay together, but I’m not in a position to buy the practice. But if you buy it, I will stay.”  These colleagues are the “Super Shrinks of therapy” in my opinion, and I knew we needed to stay together. We were also practicing in my home-town. I never wanted to be a practice owner, but after much reflection and prayer I knew that the only thing holding me back was fear.  I realized the right next step was to make an offer. Almost 10 years ago, Genesis Counseling Center was birthed.

Q: What is your background in behavioral health?

A: I hold a Doctorate of Psychology and 2 Master’s Degrees in counseling. For my BA, I majored in Psychology and worked in a mental health hospital in rural Florida for experience. My work at this hospital “sealed the deal” that I wanted to move forward in the field. I also had a paid internship early in my training at Eastern State Hospital in Virginia. Eastern State was the first hospital in America, and it was and still is a mental health hospital. After 15 years working for a group practice I spent the last 10 years as the owner of Genesis Counseling Center.

Q: Why is behavioral health the sector of healthcare you choose to serve?

A: I knew early in my life I wanted to help people in the healing process. One inspiration for helping others in all walks of life is a scriptural passage found in Isaiah 61:1which states “bind up the broken-hearted, set the captives free, and comfort those who mourn.” As a teenager, I knew I wanted to pursue a helping profession such as medicine, theology or psychology. I had a fear of blood and knew I never wanted to preach, so psychology was the natural choice. I had also seen how a psychologist facilitated a powerful healing process with one of my relatives who struggled with depression.  This gave me additional confidence that behavioral health was the right field for me.

Q: What was the impetus for starting Genesis Assist?GenesisAssistQuote2

A: After I founded Genesis Counseling Center, I can honestly state that it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. I was working with an incredible team of therapists, doing what I love. But I knew very little about running a successful business, and I was overwhelmed. After speaking with other overwhelmed therapists-turned-business-owners I realized I was not alone. Most of us have no business training and the business aspects of running a practice are often neglected or dreaded.  The leadership team at Genesis Counseling Center which includes people with extensive business experience decided to form Genesis Assist to help other practice owners succeed in starting and growing their practices

Q: What are some of the common “gotchas” when it comes to behavioral health providers in terms of running their practices?

A: Therapists who are also business owners wear many hats specifically those as an entrepreneur, manager and therapist. The largest challenge people face is balancing the demands of these roles.  Most people default to what they love to do … serve clients.  They struggle to develop a business plan, market their services and lay the foundation for growth.  As a result, they are often overwhelmed and frustrated trying to do it all themselves.

Q: How do you stay on top of the needs of your own practice while also guiding other agencies?

A: This is challenging but the key has been an excellent leadership team. Jim Collins, business consultant and author, uses the analogy of a bus to describe the importance of having the right people in the right seats (roles). In other words, for a small business to be effective, it takes a team which includes people with the right skill sets.

Q: You offer workshops at multiple conferences, tell us about the topics that are covered?

A: Topics we’ve covered include:

  • Keys to Success in Starting and Growing a Private Practice
  • What I didn’t Learn in Graduate School: How to Run a Successful Private Practice
  • Successful Private Practice in the Digital Age
  • Shattered Innocence: How to Counsel Victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Spiritually Integrated Interventions in Therapy
  • Anxiety Issues for Women
  • Leveraging Anger to Improve Your Leadership

Q: How do you see Genesis Assist expanding their service offerings in the future?

A: Our mission at Genesis Assist is to help private practice owners serve more clients, with more profit and less stress.  Technology is one key to achieving this.  We are excited to announce that we now offer two best-in-class EHR platforms to our billing clients:  Valant Behavioral Health EHR and Integrity Support’s EHR Checkpoint.  There are also several areas we are exploring such as tele-therapy and a Genesis Counseling franchise option but these are in the early stages of evaluation.

Dr. Trina Young Greer, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, is the founder and Executive Director of Genesis Counseling Center. Genesis is an outpatient counseling group with multiple sites, based in Virginia. She is also the co-founder of Genesis Assist, a practice management solution for behavioral health clinicians.  Dr. Greer obtained her Doctorate of Psychology degree from Regent University. She obtained an Educational Specialist degree in Counseling from The College of William and Mary.  She holds 3 behavioral health licenses (LCP, LPC, LMFT). She is passionate about applying best practice models to bring operational excellence to clinical settings of behavioral health. Visit their website at

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