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The Gifts and Strengths of Autism


Join Dr. Stephanie Holmes and Dr. Edwards as they discuss the gift of autism and strengths of those on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Edwards is a mother and physician in Charleston, SC. She attended medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina and completed her residency in psychiatry at Stanford Medical Center. As a child of medical missionaries, Melinda grew up in a Mayan Indian village in Guatemala, Central America. Early in life she experienced an inner pull to a deeper truth. Her journey included various spiritual practices including meditation and inquiry, guidance from spiritual teachers, travel to India and living in spiritual communities. Her quest led to the ongoing discovery of the divinity in all. She currently works with underserved adults and individuals on the autism spectrum in South Carolina and is completing a book, Psyche & Spirit: How a Psychiatrist Found Divinity Through Her Lifelong Search for Truth and Her Daughter’s Autism.

Melinda’s daughter Saachi is the source of her greatest joy and her deepest spiritual unfolding. The visions for the 501c3 nonprofit organization Darshan and the annual Awaken Through Autism Conference were born out of their journey together.

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