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The Human Cost of Terrorism with Tahir Wadood Malik

Surviving an attack of terrorism or mass violence can lead to a complicated path of healing. Tahir heartwarmingly shares about the wounds that cannot be seen, how culture and context matter, and how although experiences may be very unique can all relate on the grounds of common humanity.
TheTahir Wadood Malik has over 47 years in Public and Private Enterprises. He is a survivor of terrorism, an activist for peace & a collector of stories of survivors.

He Co-Founded the Pakistan Terrorism Survivors Network & Global Survivors Network. A youth mentor, teacher, & motivational speaker he engages with youth and all people to create awareness of the human cost of terrorism, survivor issues, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, the need for creating a counter-narrative, & the dynamics of terrorist groups in the local & regional context.

He has represented Pakistan both at home & abroad to reach a wider audience for these issues.

Tahir’s desire to be an agent for a positive change in society has led to his playing an important role in the life of survivors of terrorism.
He supports interfaith harmony, minority rights, animal rights, and free media.


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