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The Mental Healthcare Paradigm: Eileen Joseph, CEO of CareLink Community Support Services

Join us live from Las Vegas, Nevada at the annual conference for The National Council for Behavioral Health. Our goal was to speak with presenters and guests. Eileen Joseph stopped by the media room to give us her thoughts on the most esteemed conference supporting our favorite sector of healthcare: Behavioral Health. Eileen discusses what CareLink Community Support Services offers their client population, what their technology needs are, and how the ever changing paradigm of mental health is affecting their organization.


Eileen Joseph, MS, CPRP is a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner and the President and CEO of CareLink Community Support Services, a psychiatric rehabilitation organization founded in 1959. CareLink operates residential, supported housing, employment and educational services, mobile psychiatric rehabilitation, day treatment services, outreach and assessment services throughout the southeast region of PA and southern New Jersey. Ms. Joseph has been an advocate of the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation throughout her career. She currently is a member of the Board of Directors of NJPRA and is the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Triple C Housing. She is a founding board member and past president of PA Association of PR Services and after 23 years of board membership, serves as an Advisory Board Member and member of the Education and Training committee. She served on the Board of IAPSRS (now PRA) and was the Board Chairperson 2002 – 2004 and served on the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification Commission in 2000 -2001. She served on the Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (PARF) Board of Directors and served as their Board Chair in 1998-2000. She is currently an honorary board member of the Rehabilitation Community Providers Association in PA.

Eileen received her master’s degree in Mental Health Program Evaluation from Hahnemann University (now Drexel University). She has been honored with numerous professional and community awards including the IAPSRS Irving Rutman Award (2001), the Lilly Reintegration Award (2001) and the Advocates for the Jewish Mentally Ill’s Emerging Leadership (2009).

Ms. Joseph is an active member of her community and serves as Board Treasurer of the Advocates for the Jewish Mentally Ill, Board Chair of the Delaware County Community Transit Corporation, Treasurer of the Upper Providence Township (PA) Sewer Authority and Board member of Eagleville Hospital and Foundation.



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