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The National Council for Behavioral Health: CEO and President Linda Rosenberg

Our guest on this edition of Mental Health News Radio needs no introduction. Linda Rosenberg is the CEO and President of The National Council for Behavioral Health. We are honored she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to speak with us a few days before the biggest event in Behavioral Health, the council’s annual conference. Our show is known for authentic conversations with incredible human beings. Linda’s passion for Behavioral Health shines through in every statement she makes. She is also extremely funny, real, and intelligent. We are certainly thankful her leadership is at the forefront of our favorite sector of healthcare: Behavioral Health.

Questions for Linda:

 What is The National Council for Behavioral Health?
What is your role with the council and why is Behavioral Health a passion for you?
Your list of 2016 priorities for Behavioral Health is tremendous. Can we talk about the role millennials are playing in terms of stigma reduction around mental health?
Many of us have paved the way for men and women to have real and authentic conversations about mental health (some even say “uncomfortable” conversations). How do you feel about being a mentor for this generation?
What can we do to assess how technology has an affect on our mental health?
Can we learn how to use technology wisely to enhance mental health?
Please talk about the live performances at this years conference, as well as, the film festival.
Patrick Kennedy is speaking at the conference about his 5 point plan to address mental health and addiction. Can you share your thoughts on his plan and how it has been incorporated into this years conference?
  1. Mental health parity enforcement
  2. Integration and coordination within the system
  3. Brain fitness and resilience
  4. Quality and transparency
  5. Technology

Linda Rosenberg, MSW
Linda Rosenberg is a national expert in the financing and delivery of mental health and substance services. Under her leadership, the National Council for Behavioral Health has become our nation’s most effective advocate for behavioral health prevention, early intervention, science-based treatment, and recovery. Harnessing the voices of the 10 million adults, children, and families served by the National Council’s 2,500 member organizations, Rosenberg helped secure passage of the federal parity law, expanded integrated behavioral and primary care services, introduced Mental Health First Aid in the U.S., and built an array of organizational, clinical and workforce improvement initiatives. The National Council’s strong support of the Mental Health Excellence Act will result in the first comprehensive effort to establish community accountability for the health of people with serious mental illnesses and addictions, the consistent utilization of evidence-based practices, and the standardized measurement of outcomes. Rosenberg was Senior Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Office of Mental Health prior to joining the National Council. She has over 30 years experience in designing and operating hospitals, community and housing programs, and implemented New York’s first Mental Health Court. Rosenberg serves on an array of boards of directors and is a member of the Executive Committee of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.


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