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The Psychology Behind Execptional Communication

What happens when Artificial Intelligence Learns to Abandon Humans?

As artificial intelligence grows, its main goal is to learn what we like so it can sell us more products.  The constant surveillance can seem like a personally intrusive and disturbing.  But it’s not the intentional thinking we associate with human intelligence.  A person who spies on us is prurient, a person who gets a thrill peeking.  But a technology that spies on us is running a program to push a new product into our amazon car or video stream.  Is this even intelligence?

Our first guest today is Darren Campo, a NYU Professor of Media & Technology, TV Producer, and Sci-fi Author


Darren welcome to the program.


What is the difference between artificial intelligence without understanding and natural intelligence?  

Darren do you think that humanity is on the verge of losing control of artificial intelligence and potentially having it cause great harm to the species?

Darren you’ve said that if given the choice AI will not go to war with humans but, will rather abandon humans instead. Why do you think this is so?


How can you improve your speaking style, on camera presence and communicate effectively to millions of people? 

Our next guest is Lou Dennig. Lou is a highly recognized Executive Producer and Studio Executive with experience managing Current Programs, Development for Syndication and Cable, Local Broadcasting Schedules, Advertising, Promotion, Research and Business Affairs. With four Emmy nominations, Dennig has influenced daytime television in some of the most significant programming content of the last two decades.

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