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The Shift…What It Is and How To Thrive in the Higher Vibration

There has been much speculation about what’s going on in the world right now, everything
from Armageddon to the return of Christ. We can all see and feel the changes in the world and
while it looks chaotic, many of us know this to be a paradigm shift of epic proportions. When a
paradigm is shifting, chaos can and does manifest as the old energy is no longer helpful and is
shifting to a higher vibration. Those who are not ready to grow and expand will find themselves
feeling fearful, angry, and unsettled. Those of us who are engaging with and cooperating with
the process can feel the stress in our own endeavor of uncovering what no longer serves us
and healing ourselves. On this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths, Martha welcomes our
friend, psychic, medium and healer, Deborah Hendrickson as they discuss their own
experiences as well as how to remain centered and optimistic. While it is an uncomfortable
time to be alive, we came well equipped with all the tools we need not just to survive but thrive.
Deborah’s insight and wisdom helped us to remember who we are.
Her website is and welcomes visitors!

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