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The Team Around PACT (Program for Assertive Community Treatment):

Zoi Andalcio and Lisa Copolla, part of the counseling team discuss with our host, Kristin Sunanta Walker, the impact that working with and for’s mental health community has made in their lives. Prakash Ellenhorn has changed it’s name to “Ellenhorn”. This change has absolutely no impact on the level of care that we provide or how we work with our clients – it is simply just a change in the name itself.

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Earlier this year, Dr. Ross Ellenhorn purchased the company from his business partner, Dr. Madhavi Prakash, on very good terms. Since then, our team has been spending time thinking about a new name, and decided on Ellenhorn. Prakash Ellenhorn is widely recognized and held in high regard within the mental health community and with many business partners – and we did not want to lose the name recognition entirely.

With the launch of our new name comes a significant branding transformation. We have a fresh new look that emphasizes our philosophy at Ellenhorn: rebuilding purposeful lives through compassionate care. Having spent years in Arlington, getting to know the specific historical culture of our town, we have also decided to revisit our residence’s old roots and re-name it “The Brackett House,” as this better represents the house itself.  Please visit our brand new website – www.ellenhorn.


Zoi Andalcio, LMHC, CPT

PACT Clinician

IDDT Coordinator

Zoi is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Northeastern University, where he was a Graduate Research fellow. Zoi’s 13 years of public health service span participation in the first Boston Teen Health Report and graduate school public health research to working at a community-based substance abuse outpatient center in Boston. Zoi has been trained in and facilitated many evidence-based approaches to group work, and was a member of the team that developed groups for dual-diagnosed men funded by federal grants given to the Bureau of Addictions Prevention/ Treatment and Recovery Support Services, a bureau of the Boston Public Health Commission. He has worked with clients in diverse settings, from homeless shelters and correctional facilities to community clinics and hospitals, in both individual and group settings. Zoi is trained in psychological first aid and as a psychiatric crisis clinician. His recent clinical interest lies in mind-body connections and using physical exercise to combat impulse control issues.


lisa-coppolaLisa Coppola, M.Ed., LMHC

PACT Clinician

IDDT Coordinator

Lisa earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology with a concentration in substance abuse from Cambridge College. Before joining the team at Ellenhorn, Lisa worked as substance abuse group program coordinator and dual diagnosis clinician for the Cambridge and Somerville Program for Addiction Recovery. During her time there, Lisa provided individual and group counseling to homeless people who suffered from severe mental illness and addiction. Lisa has created and facilitated spirituality-centered recovery groups for substance abuse organizations in both Cambridge and Boston. Now, at Ellenhorn, she facilitates our weekly Spiritual Values Group. Lisa practices an existential and humanistic approach to therapy in which she supports clients through their own journeys of spiritual curiosity and discovery. Spending much of her youth in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Lisa became fascinated with the healing power of connecting with nature and the study of herbs in the wild. This led to her self-taught expertise in aromatherapy. Lisa offers introductory sessions to clients in which she introduces the benefits of aromatherapy, the practice of using natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.


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