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The Truth of You Shall Set You Free – TPS444


I recently woke up with the word “truth” sounding loudly in my mind which led me to think about truth – a lot – and how I might talk about it on a podcast episode. Because we have been going through a period of a lot of not truth I’ve been pondering what we miss when we don’t tell the truth. I discuss it in this episode.


I ask, “Why the advantage of telling the truth or the truth of you?”
Years ago, I committed to tell the truth all the time. It is really difficult.
People often exaggerate in order to make a better impression, which makes it difficult to tell if they’re telling the truth or not.
I talk about all the claims made in commercials that I perceive is not being true.
We’re becoming adapted to alternative realities and “alternative truth”.
In order to connect to your truth, you have to develop a certain amount of intuition.
To develop self-awareness, you need to be able to learn to travel into the depths of yourself.
We sometimes think that people who display a lot of self-confidence no more than we do.
As children, we often suppressed ourselves because it appeared to be safer.
Every time you adjust your truth, you’re slowing down the process of finding out who you are becoming.
Humans are complicated, and finding our own path is complicated because we have to overcome a lot of the messages we got as children.
We tend to not honestly express our emotions.
I talk about the nuances that are sometimes necessary when telling the truth.
What are the things that you think about but never talk to other people about?
What is it that separates you from other people that you never talk about?
I talk about my invisible disability and how I have kept it hidden. But I now see that I’m actually holding myself back by doing this.
Whatever you are thinking is limiting you may be what you’re identifying as a disability.
If you have a physical disability, that’s not something that’s wrong with you, it’s just something you have to deal with.
Each of us is separate, unique, and valuable. You can’t understand your value to the greater society, if you’re thinking that you’re less-than.
What is it about you that you consider something that holds you back? That would be what you perceive to be your disability. That is the truth of you and your life doesn’t have to be diminished because of it.
The truth of you shall set you free.
There’s nothing wrong with you that needs fixing. You just have habitual thoughts beliefs and emotions that may need to change. And you can do that.

Permission to Feel: Unlocking the Power of Emotions to Help Our Kids, Ourselves, and Our Society Thrive by Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

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