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The UNNI Podcast – w/Dr. Sheldon Jacobs


Not everyone survives the street life- let alone make it out, twice!! The UNNI Podcast Season 3 continues to drop !! This is the  story and remarkable journey of a man who narrowly escaped the streets, with his life. Being raised by a single-mother and her village, a young Sheldon was self-described as lost. Until one day he found, in a male mentor; an example of what he could be…  Little did Sheldon know then, he would transform and become so much more! Now a Dr. Sheldon Jacobs; is a licensed therapist and mentor to at risk youth, and all groups fighting for their lives on the streets; including those in crisis, and battling homelessness.  In order to give our streets a voice —- Dr. Jacobs went undercover as a homeless man, for 48 hours and in the middle of a Las Vegas Summer!!! He accounts the very dangerous and psychologically taxing experience, in his book titled, “48” now available on  Amazon.

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