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There is Nothing Wrong with You. You are Not Your Illness. And Why Friendships Matter

I’ve struggled for a long time attaching my value to my health. This struggle has been amplified these past 9 + years since I was diagnosed with cancer. The emotion that comes up strongly is shame. Shame and guilt are cousins in the emotional world. Guilt means “I did something wrong” while Shame means “I am wrong”. How many of us carry this message? I’d be curious to know. I unpack some of my thoughts about this concept.

Friendship can be protective shield against adopting the shame indentity. I’m not talking about the number of friends you have. It truly comes down to the quality of these relationships. There are all types of friendships which meet a varity of our needs. I explore the types of friendships that help us witness who we really are in this world and how this can help us guard against adlopting the messages that our culture dishes out which is so painful and damaging when you are living with a chronic illness or injury.

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