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Transforming Patient Experience in Mental Health with Brad Stoddard


Here is a podcast description based on the interview with Brad Stoddard:
Brad Stoddard is a healthcare entrepreneur who has made it his mission to improve the patient experience in mental health care. Despite not having a clinical background himself, Brad has used his business acumen and customer service mindset to transform Sunrise Mental Health.

In less than a year, Sunrise Mental Health has already outgrown its original office space due to the welcoming, upscale environment Brad and his team have created. By focusing on the details – from the office decor to providing snacks and drinks in the waiting room – they aim to make patients feel calm and cared for from the moment they walk in. Brad also prioritizes hiring genuinely friendly front desk staff to greet patients.

But Brad’s approach goes beyond superficial touches. Sunrise responds to all patient inquiries within minutes, even calling back missed calls when no voicemail is left. They offer both in-person and telehealth appointments to maximize convenience. And Brad analyzes the patient journey from A to Z to identify and address any potential pain points or frustrations. 

The results speak for themselves – Sunrise is rapidly growing through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied patients. Brad’s experience demonstrates the power of prioritizing the patient experience in healthcare. By combining business best practices with a true commitment to customer service, mental health practices can create an environment where patients feel welcomed and supported.

While clinicians need to focus on providing excellent care, partnering with business leaders who share their values can take the patient experience to the next level. Brad Stoddard is leading by example and showing what’s possible when mental healthcare puts patients first.

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