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Tuesday’s Children: 9/11 and Long Term Healing with Sallie Lynch

Sallie Lynch Program Consultant for Tuesday’s Children shares her intimate knowledge and experiences with working with survivors from Sept. 11th and subsequent communities impacted by mass violence. Sallie has a breadth of knowledge, wealth of experience and an unparalleled amount of compassion to help the world. Tune in as Sallie gives us an in depth look into helping survivors rise.
Sallie Lynch, Senior Program and Development Consultant at Tuesday’s Children has nearly 18 years of experience serving families of September 11th victims, responders and survivors, and has worked through Tuesday’s Children with international victim service providers and with other communities impacted by mass tragedies, including Newtown, CT, Orlando, FL, Las Vegas, NV and Parkland, FL. She is the principal researcher and author of Tuesday’s Children’s evidence-based Long-Term Healing Model, a five-module training curriculum, toolkit and compilation of lessons learned on community healing and resilience.

She previously coordinated a collaborative research and intervention program with Columbia University School of
Social Work and the FDNY Counseling Service Unit working with 9/11 widows and children. She is a co-author of the book FDNY Crisis Counseling: Innovative Responses to 9/11 Firefighters, Families and Communities (Wiley, 2006). Sallie is a member of the Advisory Board for Peace of Mind Afghanistan (PoMA), a national campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues in Afghanistan. She holds an MA in Anthropology from Columbia University and a BA in Cultural Studies from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

Amy C. O’Neill, MS, LPC has built a career in mental health over two and a half decades and traveled a personal path that has proven over and over again that resilience is key to truly living healthy, both in mind and body. Resilience enables us to face tragedy and still take the necessary steps to go through. Resilience is mandatory for us to recover when obstacles interfere. And, as Amy can attest, resilience can be harnessed. After methodically training and successfully completing three Ironman Triathlons, and the prestigious Boston Marathon five times, Amy knows how mental and physical focus can lead to success. Perhaps her biggest life test was being thrust into the role of a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor. Her testimony understanding the path of the unthinkable has opened up her eyes to a new way of going through adversity. Amy’s goal is to share her keen and personal insight to share her lived and learned knowledge with others. The survival journey is complicated but we can not only survive challenges but also thrive and create a life we love

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