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TWS Sports Podcast: One School’s Journey to Boost Communication and Confidence


Listen in as Kristin speaks with Adam Millichip about how he assists his autistic students navigate podcasting as a way to increase their research & communication skills and gain confidence in the process.

Adam Millichip, a primary school teacher, at the Tettenhall Wood Special School. Tettenhall Wood Special School is a school in Wolverhampton, England. He has taught in special needs schools for over 8 years. Licensed by the National Autistic Society, he assists in their Teen Life Parent programme, and is on the journey to become a qualified Makaton tutor. He is also the physical education and sport instructor at Tettenhall Wood Special School as he is passionate about giving children the opportunity to participate in regular sport and physical activity. His parents work with special needs children, and he has a family member with Autism.

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