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Unfixed – My Conversation with Kimberly Warner

This is a very special episode of the Precarious Podcast. I feel like I met my soulmate in all things uncertain and precarious. Her name is Kimberly Warner. She is a filmmaker. In 2015 she developed cervicogenic vertigo and Mal de Débarquement Syndrome or MdDS that manifests as a constant perception of rocking, bobbing and swaying. After searching for treatments/cures and coming up empty, she had to accept her reality. She turned to her craft of filmmaking as a way to connect with others who are in the community of the “Unfixed”.

These are the stories of humans who are saying “yes” – the ones who believe their worth lives in the nexus of pain, uncertainty, gratitude and purpose. Through exploring these stories I hope to uncover insights and universal truths that can encourage us all to live more fully and radically Unfixed.

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