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Veteran media broadcaster and PBS programming executive launches new Mental Health News Radio podcast America Trends.

America Trends examines the intersection between individual mental health and a wide range of national political and social trends.

Larry Rifkin brings a long and distinguished media background to his new Mental Health News Radio Network podcast America Trends; with nearly three decades of experience as a Chief Programming Executive for Connecticut Public Television, and, as the host of the longest running talk radio program on a heritage AM station in a city of 100,000, Larry is passionate about bringing his expertise to the podcasting arena.

On America Trends Larry interviews experts and thought leaders to dissect and analyze diverse trends affecting American citizens today.

He said, “It’s imperative that we look at the social and political climate we now have to understand the conditions which affect us as individuals. We take a broad sweep view of our rubric, ‘trends’, to discuss the range of topics from climate change to political division to the future of work.”

 Recent show guests include journalist David Wallace-Wells, author of one of the most talked about books in America, ‘The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming’, John Judis of Columbia University in an interview exploring the nationalist revival here and around the world and Dr. Elaina George who explores and explains America’s growing addiction to fast foods.

Upcoming show topics include sale of public lands and the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court. Former FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, will weigh in on the ongoing third information revolution we’re undergoing and Jeffrey Pfeffer, author of ‘Dying For a Paycheck’ will discuss toxic workplaces.  These topics are all woven into a discussion about the mental health of our culture.

 America Trends airs twice a week on Mental Health News Radio Network. Reflecting the diversity of its content it is aimed at an eclectic audience whom Larry aims to convert to regular listeners through his unique and well researched approach to the show’s material. Going forward, similar to its recent mini-series on the Future of Travel, America Trends will continue to take deeper dives into various topics.

Larry said, “I like the open source approach Mental Health News Radio Network takes and their willingness to work with us, while giving us our continuing editorial freedom.  I believe that we complement other great offerings on the network and add a new dimension to their programming in the process”.

Mental Health News Radio Network Founder and CEO Kristin Sunanta Walker said, “What does America Trends have to do with mental health? A very good question. The podcast is eclectic, intellectual, and political. It is also about social justice. A foundational core of MHNR Network is that mental health is about and for everyone. America Trends being such an eclectic format is what attracted us to their podcast. They are about people and the world in which we live – those things are directly tied to mental health. I also wanted to be a part of delivering their content to our listeners. America Trends is one of those shows that requires you to stop, breathe, be in the moment, and pay attention – something our society is in great need of today.”

America Trends is engineered by Larry’s former radio producer and current partner Jon Krofssik. It is produced with the support and cooperation of 1320 WATR at their studios in Waterbury, Connecticut. The podcast’s social media designer is Scott Phillips.

About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 60 podcasts covering all aspects of mental and behavioral health and well-being. Its mission is to combat mental health stigma through advocacy, education and dialogue. MHNR Network podcasters run the gamut from leading mental health professionals and coaches to peer specialists and addiction recovery advocates. To date MHNR Network has aired over 10,000 episodes and has listeners in over 170 countries. It is the world’s largest podcast network dedicated solely to mental health and well-being content.


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