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Victoria Price: Heart-Centered Practices Can Help You Get Through These Times – TPS413


As an inspirational speaker, author, and coach, Victoria Price encourages each of us to co-create a Legacy of Love through a heart-centered practice. Along with writing her popular blog, Daily Practice of Joy, Victoria is the author of three books — including the recently published Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life! In 2016, Victoria became a nomad. Now, over four years later, she remains “intentionally home-free” as her core heart-centered practice. She lives on the road with her beloved dog Allie.

Victoria explains what led her to let go and give her things away and start living her nomadic life.
She explains how she had to listen to and trust her inner voice as she was led on her journey.
What we don’t know can lead us to solutions.
We are born programmed to love and we are taught not to listen to our hearts.
Victoria’s father was Vincent Price and her mother and step-mother were both well-known. There were a lot of conflicts and fear around money.
We talk about some of the downsides with celebrity and wealth and Victoria’s study of celebrity.
Celebrity asks you to become a persona, so we grow up idealizing emptiness.
Victoria explains how she realized she spent too much time in her head and developed a joy-centered practice that allows her to get connected to her heart.
She came to understand that joy meant the pure and simple delight of being alive and to do that, she had to remember what brought her joy as a child.
When you develop heart-centered habits, you are aligning with love.
I ask Victoria how she applies her practice to what’s going on in the world so she can maintain her joy and love.
Living in our heads instead of hearts is a cause of many of today’s societal problems.
What’s going on with the virus is a wake-up call for us to see how we have been out of inner alignment.
Victoria shares how her life and work is going to change because of the world situation and what she has to let go of.
We have to trust that there is a bigger picture – one where there is more equality. And to experience that equality many will have to give up things they think they need and are important.
We talk about some things that are going to have to change, including what we think is possible.
When we realize that we have enough, all this grabbing, and having, and needing has to shift.
Inequalities are coming to the surface and we are seeing the limit to what human ingenuity can do.

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